Cops Tase and Brutalize Black Man Who Stopped Them For Help

From NewsOne:

“A Black, Los Angeles man is recovering from injuries sustained during an encounter with the police which began as a plea for help.

On Tuesday an unnamed man was tased by deputies of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department while he attempted to assist victims of a nearby car crash in South Los Angeles, according to VICE. Police claimed they used a taser as a last resort.

A video recorded by witnesses has over 25k likes with over 9K tweets. The video’s vantage point from across the street shows the exact moment when officers employed a taser, sending the man hurdling into the street. As he lays on the ground a man exits out of a nearby house and runs to intervene.”

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7 thoughts

  1. This society is getting worse not better even though we have more info and proof that the abuses continue and will never cease as long as we keep electing centrists and fat cats. chuq

  2. It is just all out war! What I witnessed on that video was unprovoked. The KKKops have been given the go-ahead to up the ante even more and shit is hitting the fan with evermore increasing relentlessness. What with a whole pandemic ongoing and with people at wit’s end and the KKKops are just getting even worse in their treatment of people, and of course, as usual, Black people. I just don’t know what to do; scream, throw my hands up or go to bed and never get out of it!

    1. These pigs want an all-out war with the people and then they will cry when someone decides to treat them with the same heartlessness and cruelty that they treat the public.

    2. The man who leads the all-Black Not Fucking Around Coalition is now facing 20 years in prison by the FBI for allegedly “pointing a gun towards police” while these pigs get away with murder. It’s like COINTELPRO never really ended.

      1. But yet not one word was said when an ALL WHITE militia stormed the Michigan state capitol building simply because they were tired of being on lock down. They were INSIDE a state building with assault weapons and other guns and were they arrested? Hell no! Caleb, anyone with eyes can see that those of us who are American descendants of slavery NEVER made it off the damn plantation. That should be obvious to a blind, deaf mute that’s been planted!

        And yet not one FBI sting operation has EVER been launched to break up and destroy ANY white supremacist group, EVER. Go figure! The shit they are doing is that damn obvious!!

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