U.S. Hypocrisy or United States Hypocrisy is a collection of my views and opinions on different topics involving current and historical events. The themes explored deal with racism, capitalism, imperialism, American police brutality & violence, religion, (in)tolerance, capital punishment, prison and incarceration. The United States has decorated itself as the world’s beacon of civilization for centuries now, having implanted its ideals of morals and patriotism in the mindsets of all those who are born here. Since childhood, we are taught of our “exceptional” position of superiority to the rest of the world. The reasoning behind this belief, we’re told, is due to our unique sense of “freedom”, “shared sacrifice” and “opportunity.” But what is the reality of the lives lived both here and abroad that have been affected by U.S. policy? And does the reality live up to the rhetoric?

[The header image of a skeletonized ‘Uncle Sam’ comes from a 1980 Iranian poster commemorating the 1979 Revolution.]

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        1. Thank you Caleb! One of our missions is to remind some encyclopedic informations to the people in this digital age. By the way my earthling friend, I guess, that troll person Joe Brown was aware of that he is in the class of extinct trolls, and subsided into silence, or maybe ran away to hide himself from scientists who excited with this discovery, haha!

              1. Hi you, mr. Brown,
                |listen, if you’re capable to respect other peoples views: I support Caleb in everything he do on his blog. I might not agree with everything he writes, and the same with him, but we respect each other, that’s the point, ok.
                There’s where you come in mr. Brown; don’t write that kind of words you do on Caleb’s blog or any ones blogs for that matter. One simply doesn’t call an other person “shit”, or “sucker” or any other scam words. You got this?

  1. Thanks Caleb for following my blog. Very interesting blog by the way, and it looks like we have a lot in common. Among many things, the commitment to disclose the biggest imperialist power and its destructive behavior. Keep on fighting!

    Here is my latest, on the outrageous killing of journalist Javier Valdez Cárdenas (I am not surprised if he was killed with a US gun): https://ivarjordre.wordpress.com/2017/05/16/another-journalist-killed-in-mexico-javier-valdez-cardenas/

    Greetings, Ivar

    1. Absolutely. You have an excellent blog and you know better than I do the horrors of US imperialism in the world. Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. I really enjoy your blog and learned a lot reading from it, especially from the letter you wrote called “dear mr. police officer” about you and your son’s trip. It was very moving.

      1. Thanks Caleb… and please forgive the late reply. Really admire and appreciate your candidness. I remain convinced that I live on a truly remarkable planet with some truly remarkable people in a remarkably unprecedented era of human history. For better or worse: The world “is” changing and “we” are changing the world. From what I’ve gleaned from your posts, you are one of the people (and they are many) who hope and endeavor to change it for the better. 😉

        1. I sincerely hope you are right and that we are indeed living in a unique era in history!! Keep up the excellent work. Your perspective is greatly needed. And no need to apologize for the late reply. I’m the same way. As you can see I’m just now embarrassingly reading this for the first time 10 days later. But I always try to make sure I reply as soon as I get a chance lol.

  2. The megacorps and megabanks rule everything and have more power than sovereign (alleged)nations. I think the right to vote in America is a mere illusion of democracy. This is compounded by the crap running for office. I can’t vote for Hillarybillary or Trumpetnoise. I’ll probably vote Green Party. I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000. So did 97,000 other Floridians.

  3. My cousin told me that the Egyptian pyramids were being changed to look European. I knew American history has been whitewashed but this is crazy! He encouraged me to search for “whitewashing of Egypt” and your blog was one of the first results on duckduckgo.com so congrats for that. It led me to this page, https://ushypocrisy.com/2014/07/12/why-is-hollywood-continuing-to-whitewash-ancient-egyptian-history-in-2014 and my eyes are opened ever wider by you. I am going to recommend your blog. Thank you very much for what you are doing! Best wishes.

    1. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my blog and this post and sharing. There are so many people who become absolutely irate or dumbfounded when the African origins of ancient Egyptian civilization are mentioned. There is usually one of two reactions (1) complete denial followed by usual talking points to explain why Egypt was always ‘white’ or ‘Arab’, or (2) people who say “I’ve never heard that before, but I’m intrigued and want to hear more”. It was for (2) I wrote this blog post for (-;

      1. Cleb
        Excellent blog. You speak the truth. Keep up the good work !!

        I just stumbled over your blog when I was searching for the whitewashing of ancient egyptian history online.

        I world needs more rational good people like youself.

        1. It seems like over the past couple of years as the Africanness of ancient Egypt has become indisputable among academic circles, as they’ve been forced to admit that the ancient civilization was at least culturally an African society, Hollywood has been going into overdrive putting out big blockbuster-type films showing Ancient Egypt represented as ethnically white. I predict however that the day a studio gathers the bravery (or feels the profit incentives are there) to create an ancient Egypt film containing African descendants, all hell is going to break loose, debate will ensure and the evidence will be laid forth in the mainstream for the public to see. Much thanks Nicholas.

          1. I saw your Pinterest page and like it and subscribed, and one time as I was looking for a particularly hard to find sarcophagus, found it on Pinterest, then realized that it was your pin! Same for a mummy also very hard to find! And finally, I was looking for images of actors of European descent playing ancient Egyptian roles, I stumbled upon this website, ushypocrisy.com. You litterally blew my mind with the article, and I asked myself, “who is the brother who wrote this article? He went deeper than most writers would on this topic”. So I scrolled down the comments, and oh my G. it’s Caleb Gee, from Instagram! What! You have my utmost respect, Brother!

            1. Lol. Wow. That is a huge coincidence!! I have collected so many images on Pinterest because you never know when a particular image might come in hand. I thank you so much for reading this and also I apologize for taking so long to approve your comment. I had a backlog going back a few months and I’m just getting to some of them. I knew we were on each other’s Pinterest but I never even realized we were on each other’s Instagram as well. lol

  4. When the other bloggers found my old posts and liked or made comment, it would be good surprise for me always. This shows that labour always finds its value. Thank you Caleb Gee. Спасибо! ( it means thank you)

      1. Lol why would I do that? Please find me anywhere on this blog where I ever referred to ISIS as anything other than a disgraceful death squad (whose very existence would not have come about without the U.S. btw). Your retort here is the ranting of someone who cannot respond logically to facts so you resort to saying something which has no bearing. What a shame that the only way you can make the United States look innocent is by comparing it with a known terrorist group Daesh-ISIL.

      2. Why did you reply to my comment? For drawing attention? It is useless performing, to draw attention of an extraterrestrial:)) Why the most western imperialists thinks that the planet just consists from them. And most them thinks to know everything. There is big and majority population living out of them. And those outsiders actually real, not plants. Hello west, the people are smart and have culture in here more and more. And I am the lucky, Caleb G. is my Earthling friend and I see he and the people like him know the truth at there where is too hard to see what is true or wrong. By the way, -привет- privet-it means, hello Caleb:)

        1. Thank you alien friend. I was wondering why this crazy drone picked your comment to write their reply under of all the comments on here lol. Must’ve thought you do not speak earth language.

          1. Hhaha, good observation and nice describing “drone”. Actually it makes sense now with your describing. Drones are always targetting wrong aliens, aren’t they;) Have a good day my Earthling friend:)

            1. Yes, drones are pawns used by state terrorists to target civilians and create chaos in the name of “security” and “patriotism”. So in all probability this is a drone we are dealing with here in the comment section.

  5. Not too happy with America??? (the country that saved the world by the way, but you’re youth and naivete obviously blocked that out). **Tip of the day: Planes leave every hour to countries that might fit better with your anti-US rants.

    1. Lol. If the country were a more equal place for everyone and wasn’t dedicated to expanding its imperialist grasp into every corner of the entire globe, maybe your proposition would make more sense. However, as it now stands no country is safe from a potential U.S.-backed coup. The whole “If you don’t like it, leave” argument only makes sense if the U.S. were to quit propping up puppet regimes that repress their people at the behest of giant corporations that get wealthy off stolen resources.

  6. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

    I’m glad to know there are people like you walking around the world.
    All the best.

    1. Thank you Kalki for your kind words; they are very much appreciated. I must confess I had to look up the quote to see that it was from Oscar Wilde. I had no idea he was arrested and jailed for being intimately involved with another man. I learn something new every day it seems.

    1. You’re welcome. I found it while searching for answes regarding wordpress I didn’t have the answer to and found your info helpful. (-;

  7. Great blog! Its great to see somebody shining light on what’s really going on here. If ever there was a country gravely in need of some demystifying and disillusionment, its the US of A. Great work.

  8. Just found your blog via Abagond. Glad I did. 🙂 It looks like we have similar blogging interest. I’ve done three (so far) on issues of democracy specifically.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words! I really enjoy your blog as well for keeping everyone updated on how they can get involved and keep active demonstrating against the injustices in this system! Keep up the great work and glad to meet you as well.

  9. CG:

    Go shout it from the mountaintop! Kudos to you for raising sceptical hell! Thanks for the follow, I look forward to being challenged by your views and do be inspired by my lucid dreams!

  10. Hi Caleb,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow. I’m looking over your blog. I will be back to do some reading/watching. You are followed back, out of interest!

    Take Care… xo

    1. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed reading all the quotes on your site as well. Look forward to keeping in touch. And thanks for following me back!!

      1. Caleb,

        Thanks!!!!! Thanks for reading. Oh my, you got it…I’m glad you followed me, signaling that you’re here. I look forward to keeping in touch as well! xo

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