Do Not Look Away From Israel’s Slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza – Funded By U.S. Taxpayers!

UPDATE: There are now more than 600 people who’ve been killed in Gaza, whilst Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to very unconvincingly insist that it’s Hamas’s fault for “using civilians as human shields”. Considering how 1,800,000 have been crammed into such a tiny strip of land, there isn’t anywhere for them to go in order for them not to be so-called “human shields”. And even if there were any truth to his ridiculous claim, if the “shield” is in fact a human, why the hell would you continue to pulverize it while claiming with a straight face that you want to “limit human casualties”?! If Netanyahu and his goons think this is somehow going to draw a wedge between Palestinians and Hamas, they are mistaken. It only legitimizes the need and desire for resistance. 



10513459_1444534255807899_5053076136496287146_nThe videos you are about to see are incredibly sickening and disturbing to watch. They should NOT be viewed in the presence of small children. Any discomfort we feel from looking at these images pales in comparison to what the 1.8 million people who are living through this hell in Gaza at the very moment are going through. It is the American tax payers who have been footing the bills for this illegal occupation, along with the slaughtering of Palestine’s inhabitants that goes along with it. Every single member of the U.S. Senate and House voted to continue shelling out at least $3 billion annually to this regime’s weaponry, and the West has continually refused to hold Israel accountable for its outrageous war crimes. If the following images disturb you, then you should DEMAND your local and/or state representatives in the U.S. Congress cease supplying the weaponry for wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians immediately.

Do not accept for a moment the lie that these people are just “collateral damage” in Israel’s war against Hamas. The fact is that more than 469 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by the Israeli military in the past 12 days.  As of 8:15 P.M. Central time on Sunday, July 20, there had been at least 100 Palestinians killed by Israeli military forces in a single day alone. Even if we are to ignore for a moment the fact that Hamas would never have existed were it not for the need of an oppressed people to resist against a colonial occupier, the brutal attack of an entire population, trapped with nowhere else to go – carried out from the air, the sea and the land – cannot in any way be justified as an act of “self-defense.” If anything it will only harden the feelings of the occupied and oppressed Palestinians, whose every attempt to carry on and start a new life is destroyed by Israel because they dare exist on the land that Israel wants for its state. 

Also see: National Lawyers Guild Urges US Government to Cease $3 Billion Annual Military Aid to Israel

The grieving man in the first video is the father of 4 year-old Sahar Salman Abu Amous whose life was so needlessly and viciously cut short.

Images From the Ongoing Attacks on Gaza:


 Do these look like “terrorists” to you?




4 year old Sahir Abu Namus was murdered by Israeli military during yet another siege on Gaza. 4 year old Sahir Abu Namus was murdered by Israeli military during yet another siege on Gaza.

4 year old Mohammed Al Awaj 4 year old Mohammed Al Awaj



innocent children innocent children
Their cousins were the four young boys killed on a beach in Gaza while playing soccer. Their cousins were the four young boys killed on a beach in Gaza while playing soccer.




Four young Palestinian boys were killed in an Israeli war crime. Their names were Ismail Mohammed Bakr, age nine; Ahed Bakr, age 10; Zakaria Bakr, age 10; and Mohammed Bakr, age 11. Four young Palestinian boys who were playing soccer were killed in an attack on Gaza Beach by Israel. Their names were Ismail Mohammed Bakr, age nine; Ahed Bakr, age 10; Zakaria Bakr, age 10; and Mohammed Bakr, age 11.






4 year-old Sahar Salman before and after being decapitated by Israeli shell. His life was so needlessly and viciously cut short. 4 year-old Sahar Salman Abu Amous before and after being decapitated by Israeli shell. His life was so needlessly and viciously cut short.
1 in 5 people Israel is currently killing in Gaza are children. 1 in 5 people Israel is currently killing in Gaza are children.


Grieving mother and child

Kids killed in Al-Shuja'eyya Kids killed in Al-Shuja’eyya
Ibrahim Al-Dalou Ibrahim Al-Dalou


A child says goodbye to her father A child says goodbye to her father








July 18th July 18th











corpse of a young girl corpse of a young girl




5 month old Faris Al Mahmoum July 18 5 month old Faris Al Mahmoum July 18




4 year old Abdallah Ghazal carried by his father 4 year old Abdallah Ghazal carried by his father


buried beneath the rubble buried beneath the rubble



10 year-old Jihad Esam Shahebar, 8 year old Fullah Tariq Shahebar, and 9 year-old Wasim Esam Shahebar 10 year-old Jihad Esam Shahebar, 8 year old Fullah Tariq Shahebar, and 9 year-old Wasim Esam Shahebar

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  1. I know that I wasn’t to look away, but as a mother, I just couldn’t finish looking at what was posted because what killed those innocent children and their parents was nothing short of a monster, a vicious inhuman beast. And I am human and therefore, could NOT now nor ever even think of being responsible for such atrocities and yet, I am!, seeing as how my tax dollars are funding the Israeli war machine. And so all I can do is weep in frustration!

    1. I hear you. I feel helpless a lot of the time, signing a bunch of petitions that get passed in emails and boycotting products just doesn’t feel adequate enough to meet the horrificness (I know that’s not a word but it should be) of this situation! And people have the nerve to vilify Hamas as a “terrorist” organization for showing the courage to resist the slow death of an occupation designed to smother all life in the Gaza strip eventually.
      I also can’t stand how the people in this country who yell the loudest about the evils of “big government” could care less about the most wicked government arm of all – the multi-trillion dollar War Machine. They spend so much time trying to cut off the most meager forms of lifelines available to people, like food stamps for example (which are more like bread crumb stamps), but have no problem with their tax money being used to bomb the hell out of some helpless person overseas, all in the name of Empire.

  2. Reblogged this on AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES and commented:
    There are some things that simply should not be swept under a rug and ignored. This is one such thing. I am reblogging this because I believe the whole world should see what is happening here and should ask the question, “Why is it happening?”

  3. this is incredibly painful. my heart broke afresh for each picture I saw. innocent young children…. what justification could there ever be?

  4. Words cannot express the grief I feel for the poor people of Gaza. Israel should be completely isolated from the international community – no trade – no visas – no communication – until the occupation ends and the borders are opened to end this disgusting concentration camp.

    1. Agreed. What they have been doing is 100x worse than anything Russia has been doing lately yet the West wants to distract from Israel’s crimes against humanity by keeping the focus on Russia.

      1. you’re sooo right! all the POTUS-es(sic!) and their administration have promised to do something and to solve the “problem” since the creation of Israel, but… nothing has been done and the carnage has continued… in blunt French we call the killed civilians “de la chair à canon” = “cannon fodder” – which has unfortunately been ‘appropriate’ these past weeks, hélas… 😦 and I’m quite skeptical about any “détente” or peace in that troubled area… everyone knows that without the HUGE US-support Israel hadn’t been the 52nd US-state, as some call it.
        * * *
        my very best and respectful regards…

    2. but will the bloody Americans hear of that?! they prefer to look away while these grave atrocities are being committed against Palestine but become wild tigers when it seems like a stone is being thrown at Israel. the U.S is guilty of complicity in the war crimes committed by Israel

      1. Absolutely! America and Israel are what are called Partners in Imperialist Crime. Israel it seems is an extension of Western imperialism in the ‘Middle East’ put there in order to help throw the surrounding nations in disarray so that the oil resources are open for the taking.

        1. Yes! I agree with you that Israel seems like an extension of Western Imperialism. I however don’t feel like Israel’s main objective is the natural resources of its neighbours.

          1. I agree that it is not the resources as far as Israel is concerned. I just think that they benefit from dysfunction and disunity in the Arab world in general, because it minimizes meaningful opposition to their treatment of the Palestinians. Take Egypt for example. During Nasser’s time in office Israel’s imperialism was greatly challenged. But under Mubarak and especially now with SiSi, they essentially have someone who dislikes the Palestinians almost as much as Israel itself.

  5. Words fail me, I’m speechless. Pictures and videos express so much more! ….. you have done a great job in documenting this atrocity. I’m reblogging and hope that many see it. If we don’t see … out of sight, out of mind. This brings the reality of this “stupid” war into a very important perspective.

    This needs to stop, this isn’t human, this isn’t caring. This is abuse, this is plain wrong. Think about the shoe being on your/our foot!! Beyond comprehension!!!


    1. Indeed Dr. Rex. That first video brought such a feeling of revulsion making my stomach turn in knots imagining the pain this man is feeling as he sees what has been done to the most important person in his life – a 4 year old child whose innocent smile only hours before greeted his family.

  6. Yet again the US govt is supporting the wrong side of history for short-term self-interest. To shift the subject slightly, it is not antisemitic to be disgusted with the cromes of Zionism. Keep it up Caleb, what you say needs to be hard!

    1. I totally agree. This is not about anti-Semitism, it’s about anti-Zionism. There are numerous Jewish organisations also fighting for the freedom of the Palestinians, as they don’t want Israel to rain terror in their name. And yes, keep up the good work.

      1. Yes, there are quite a few Jewish groups who do not support the occupation, such as Jewish Voices for Peace and the American branch of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. Unfortunately the larger pro-imperialist Anti-Defamation League has sought to undermine these organizations and minimize any political influence they might acquire.

    2. I completely agree with you friend. While of course there are some ppl who can cross into antisemitic (or more properly anti-Jewish) territory, opposing imperialist and racist colonization and massacre cannot be compromised because the oppressor in this case were themselves a formerly oppressed people. Israel it turns out was pretty much an offshoot of European colonialism from the start which is why it has become the military apartheid regime that we see today.

  7. Reblogged this on Failure to Listen and commented:
    Israel commits genocide and crimes against humanity. The UN and US turn blind eyes. And why not when the United States slaughters black males, children and the mentally ill for profit, sex and experimentation. The enforcers of these atrocities the United States government.

    In the United States, genocide and crimes against humanity are condoned, encouraged and rewarded.

    Why would the United States care about Palestinians when the it doesn’t give a sh*t about its own citizens?

  8. The situation in Gaza is horrendous beyond belief, and would be largely impossible with diplomatic and financial support from the US. The US gives around $8 million a day to Israel, which I am sure could be far better spent on hospitals, schools, improving social housing, infrastructure, services for the vulnerable and frail. But no, the US continues to support a racist pariah terrorist state and then wonders why people around the world hate the US. There is a fascinating book written by two Jewish professors in the US, who outline in their book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy demonstrate how US support for Israel is not only a massive security risk (think 9/11, in which it was omitted from mainstream media that one of the main reasons for the attacks was due to unfettered support for Israel) how such support is in complete contradistinction to so-called US values. For those with a keen interest in doing something practical for Palestine, as well as showing solidarity through protest, please boycott Israel until it abides by international law and ends its brutal occupation of Palestine. The boycott call came from the Palestinians in 2006. More information can be found here:

    1. Thank you for sharing this! I must confess 4-5 years ago before I was very informed about the history of this conflict I was pretty neutral, mainly because I felt empathy for the Jewish people because of the terror that faced them during the 1st half of the 20th century. But as I learned more about the goals of Zionism to displace the Arab inhabitants, as well as the way the Israeli government keeps its own citizens in a state of perpetual fear to gain its support for whatever attack it wishes to make, I realized how monstrous the occupation is and how unjustly the indigenous peoples were uprooted from their homeland.

      1. A few years ago I felt compassion for Israel surrounded by terrorist. Now I realize Israel is the terrorist whose activities are supported and funded by the tax payers of the United States.

        I hope some country doesn’t decide to hold us accountable.

        1. I totally agree with you. It is a travesty that the US is supporting a racist apartheid state with your tax money. It is a huge security threat, thus as US citizens you have an obligation to let your politicians know that this us unacceptable and you want it to stop. There are tons of very impressive groups working on the boycott movement in the US, primarily student-based. Here is one that is particularly wonderful.
          There is also a ton of literature, such as Ben White’s book Israeli Apartheid: A Beginners Guide. There is a great documentary called Occupation 101. It is extremely informative.

          1. Yes I received a copy of “Occupation 101” just the other day and found it very informative along with the book by Avi Shlaim “The Iron Wall”. I’m going to check these sites out right now!

        2. See I’ve always thought it was a balance where “both sides are acting irresponsibly”. I thought this because, being raised as I was in the Christian Church, I was always taught that Israel could do no wrong because they were God’s Chosen people and that’s why so-called “terrorists” wanted to destroy the country. (Looking back it’s so ironic because these same Christian supporters of Israel never missed an opportunity to vilify Jews as ‘Christ-killers’ while absolving the Empire of Rome whose method of execution was crucifixion). But as someone who felt rebellious against the church I felt that both sides had grievances and as someone who was touched deeply by the story of Anne Frank, I thought it only right for there to be a place to escape to after the tragic events of the European Holocaust. Then I learned how the majority of Jews in Europe before and immediately after the genocide had no desire to go to Palestine. The fanatics who advocated Zionist immigration to Palestine were seen by many Jews before WWII as looney and unrealistic; the majority wished to immigrate to America or Britian, the supposed Allies; but the U.S. and Britain, despite all their rhetoric, did not want to provide a home in their lands for the refugees either. So the West wished to make amends for their crimes at the expense of the Arabs. And here we are witnessing this terrible seemingly never-ending war without an end in sight.

      2. I think many people have fallen prey to the Zionist propaganda machine in thinking that this is a very complex situation in which Israel is the victim. There are victims of course on both sides, and we should all feel empathy for those living in fear due to the policies and media machine that makes them believe the Palestinians are the aggressors and perpetrators. Zionism was classified as racism in the UN, but of course, they were forced to drop the definition due to impressive and effective lobbying. However, expansionism at the expense of non-Jews can only be described as racism, predicated on land theft and ethnic cleansing. I believe it is our responsibility to the Israelis and Palestinians who want to live in peace, to break these myths. Boycott and all the very impressive direct action and street theatre that groups all over the world undertake in order to highlight Israel’s crimes, is one way of contributing to the delegitimisation of Israel, and hopefully, a peaceful solution to years of suffering and carnage, on both sides. Keep up the excellent work on your blog. I feel inspired to know people like you are out there.

        1. Yes!! And also remember when the U.S. staged a walk-out during the international conference on racism in 2001, and then altogether refused to participate at all in 2009?! Of course part of it was because they would not allow for Israel and Zionism to be criticized as racist, and also because the conference had voted to urge the West to do its duty of trying to rectify past crimes like colonialism and the brutal enslavement of Africans through reparations.

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