Tremaine McMillian Becomes the Latest Victim of Racist Florida Juvenile “Justice” System at the Young Age of 14 (Memorial Day) [VIDEO]

mcmillianFor 14 year old Tremaine McMillian, Memorial Day of May 27, 2013 began just the same as it did for many other young kids his age in Miami-Dade County, spending the holiday with family and friends as they enjoyed a warm summer day on the beach. Unfortunately, what transpired shortly thereafter would put the young boy’s life and his entire future in jeopardy. It now lies in the hands of a notoriously racist Florida State Juvenile “Justice” System – a system which does not look kindly on the lives of young ones who get caught up in the system, especially those who happen to be Black.

tremaine-police-attackedIt all began shortly after 11:00 a.m., according to the Miami-Dade police, when Tremaine was supposedly seen pushing another kid into the sand. His sister who was present disputes this charge, however. Shortly afterward as Tremaine bottle-fed milk to his new puppy, Polo, in order to quench the dog’s thirst, he was approached by two police officers who apparently viewed him with an intense amount of suspicion, as they immediately demanded they be led to his mother’s location. At that moment, Tremaine turned away from the officer and began to walk; all accounts are in agreement on this. Where they differ, however, is for what purpose he began to walk away. While Tremaine claims he was simply going to lead them to his mother per their request, police claim that he was ignoring them after he’d glared at them with what they called a “dehumanizing stare”, clearly indicative, in their minds, of the young man’s innate danger to society. No matter what the reason was, Tremaine displayed a sense of maturity far beyond that displayed on the part of the cops – even their own report makes it clear that it was they who placed their hands on him first, quoting Tremaine as saying, “Man, don’t touch me like I did something .” Instead of walking away without incident, however, the police reacted with a ferocious display of savagery that included assaulting the young boy and his puppy, throwing him to the ground and placing him into a headlock. When McMillian’s mother, Maurissa Holmes, approached the scene she found her son on the ground being mercilessly attacked by two white police officers as they attempted to strangle her son, cutting off circulation at his throat. Perhaps sensing what the system would likely attempt to do to her son granted he survived the attack, she filmed the incident on her cellular phone for the courts and the world to bear witness to:

Thankfully, Tremaine did survive this brutal attack, but as a result he’s been arrested and he faces a court case based solely on the bogus charges brought forth by the police who assaulted him. The prosecution have no intention of letting their case against Tremaine go without his being severely punished, as evidenced by the statements of Alvaro Zabaleta, the Detective for the Dale County Police Department assigned to this case. He’s already gotten to work constructing (or fabricating) a narrative that paints Tremaine as a young Black male “hoodlum” who by nature is a “menace to society”, just as the George Zimmerman’s defense lawyers have similarly attempted to do in the case of Trayvon Martin’s murder. According to Zabaleta, who we should note was not even present at the scene, it was Tremaine’s own body language that signified to the officers that he was “getting agitated” and therefore could “possibly become violent”. This, in addition to being given “dehumanizing stares”, was apparently all the evidence the cops needed to establish the urgent need to “neutralize the threat in front of us.” When asked why the situation was so dangerous that they had to resort to injuring the boy’s puppy as well, the Detective responded, “We are not concerned with the puppy. We are concerned about the threat to the officer.” As for how Tremaine felt about his supposed “threatening” nature, he certainly didn’t seem to see it that way. In fact, upon being brutally and unnecessarily attacked by the police officers, he was so terrified that he urinated on himself. Understandably, he gets “sad” when thinking about what happened and the potential reality of his entire life being turned upside down.

Indeed, the most outrageous component in all of this is the very fact that Tremaine McMillian has been slapped with a felony at the tender age of just 14 years for no other reason than Walking While Black in America who, innocently spending time with family and friends on the beach before being savagely attacked by brute cops, and daring to survive. And while the police who orchestrated the vicious attack are allowed to walk freely, their victim has been ludicrously charged with “resisting arrest with violence” along with “disorderly conduct”. It is his life, and not their’s, that hangs in the balance of the unjust court system. And although an attorney for the Juvenile Justice Center filed a motion to have the case against Tremaine dismissed, the Judge presiding over this jurisdiction dismissed it and is set to try the case on July 16, one month from now. If the trial results in his conviction, it will be a travesty of epic proportions. As Rolling Out Magazine points out, “McMillian… will become a felon at 14 if convicted. In turn, a felony conviction will follow him for life and could prevent him from getting a job and other important opportunities that may occur in the future.”

It’s not too late to try and reverse this, however. The Judge who will be residing over this case is Judge Maria De Jesus Santoveria. Her office can be contacted at (305) 638-6234. Contact her and let her know you do not wish for this young man’s entire future to be destroyed because of one unfortunate incident during an outing with friends and family on the beach:

judge contact miami, florida

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It’s somewhat ironic to note that this occurred on Memorial Day, a holiday which was initially held to honor the memory of those who’d lost their lives in the American Civil War fighting on the side of Emancipating the former slaves. It should serve as a stark reminder of just how far the South and the rest of the United States have truly come when it comes to preserving the “racial order”. In the land where members of the Confederacy once maintained their exalted social status through the terrorizing crack of a whip, the court system now uses police, selective juries, prisons and ‘felon’ labels to fight for the preservation of that same social status. 148 years after the first Emancipation memorial was held, those with the privileged keys to the system, steadfast in their false belief in white supremacy, are attempting to have Tremaine McMillian lost in the Juvenile “Justice” System, forever criminalized and marginalized as they have done with numerous others before him whose names we may never know.

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  1. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the
    post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless,
    I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and
    checking back often!

  2. Too bad this latest victim likes to bring gun clips to school and was just accused in a strong arm robbery case. Not saying the police didn’t go to far in this incident but him being a juvenile only hides you from the facts. This kid has missed more than half the first semester of school and speaks to his mother likes she’s a b$tch on the streets. Justice is always needed but this kid isn’t as innocent as you think….. Smh

    1. You must be out of your mind. You have zero confirmation for half of what you said. Never has it been reported anywhere that he “brought fun clips to school”, something he would’ve been expelled for but wasn’t since it never happened. And unless you have access to his attendance record for “the first semester of school”, which I highly doubt, this claim was also pulled out of thin air. Where and when did his mother say he talks to her like a “b$tch”? You act as if you were granted some sort of exclusive interview with her. If so you failed to get it published. And yes, he was accused, but never convicted, of knocking a kid off his bike (hence the “strong-arm robbery” charge) and stealing a puppy, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the police assaulting him. It seems you have an agenda to paint this young man as a criminal to justify this attack by police.

  3. Reblogged this on Wobbly Warrior's Blog and commented:
    “It’s not too late to try and reverse this, however. The Judge who will be residing over this case is Judge Maria De Jesus Santoveria. Her office can be contacted at (305) 638-6234. Contact her and let her know you do not wish for this young man’s entire future to be destroyed because of one unfortunate incident during an outing with friends and family on the beach … ” Please say a couple of words for me, too; I can’t call the judge personally, because under duress, my second language kicks in, which is – unfortunately – gibberish (common to many with epilepsy).

  4. Something has to be done about this! In states all across the country the police are becoming more aggressive, violent, arrogant, and unlawful. It never ceases to amaze how they feel so much danger and potential threats from body language, looks, and words that if nothing else mirror that which they project to the public all the time. Smh. Who are the real menaces to society??

    1. Exactly. I feel that if anything is going to start a truly revolutionary movement in this country, it’s going to be this constant police terror. It’s become more and more apparent that this is so deeply entrenched within the system that “reform” through politics isn’t going to be enough. We need a whole new value-based revolutionary challenge to this.

      1. He’ll yea! You said that right…”terror” is exactly what it is. It’s crazy but I have come to dread the sight of police lights and sirens. As soon as I see them I go the opposite direction…and I’m a citizen and don’t feel comfortable in my own neighborhood. I have had enough negative experiences with police that I doubt I would even dial 9-1-1 if I was in trouble. It’s a damn shame.

        But just as you said the more apparent it becomes the more it becomes harder to ignore the truth: the system is messed up.

        1. Exactly. It seems so incredible to me now that when I was a kid I was always taught that police officers were the “good guys” and criminals the “bad guys”. When I see police now I can’t help but the view them with disgust and someone inevitably says, “Not all police are bad” to which I respond, “Well they all work for a bad system so call it what you may.”

          1. Exactly. I think they’re behavior is a clear indication of the degradation of the values ofbourvgoverning system. The police motto is “to protect and serve” now they’re motto is to “to harass and control.” And while like you said “not all police are bad,” they practice the good ole boy system of protecting each other to a fault and standing together even when wrong. So that makes the good ones just as dangerous as the others because at best they are just gonna keep quiet when they should speak out.

    1. Exactly. And I wonder how many of these thousands of so-called “isolated incidents” have to happen before people realize this is just regular practice, or “doing their job” for them!

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