Watch Last Month’s Heated Debate on Muslim Immigration from TV One’s Roland Martin Show [VIDEO]

from left to right: Roland Martin, Angela Rye, Raynard Jackson, Michelle Bernard and Steve Clemons.
from left to right: Roland Martin, Angela Rye, Raynard Jackson, Michelle Bernard and Steve Clemons.

Last month, during an April 29 broadcast of TV ONE’s  Roland Martin Show, the show’s host opened a discussion on Muslim immigration into the United States of America. He started the conversation off by playing clips from the Fox News Network in which anchors were making inflammatory statements about believers in the Islamic faith, including calls for religious and ethnic profiling of anyone who immigrates from a predominately Muslim country. This was, of course, in relation to the recent Boston Marathon Bombings. Roland Martin begins his assessment by making a valid point about the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1994 that was carried out by a homegrown terrorist, Timothy McVeigh. “Should we also profile every white guy with a crew cut,” he asks, driving his point home. A political consultant by the name of Raynard Jackson claims this is an invalid argument, and that terrorists are “produced only in certain countries” – which he lists as Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, and now Chechnya in Russia. (On a side note: It’s interesting to note how quick U.S. nationalists have been to tie the Boston Marathon bombers in with their claimed religion – Islam – and not to their geographic origin. The most likely explanation for this is because they come from right within the heart of the Caucasus Mountains, making them decidedly Caucasian in every sense of the term.) For a total of six times in the 8+ minute clip, Jackson says that “Our immigration policy is a right, not a privilege.” He says he even believes in setting “certain countries at the lowest levels of immigration”, a statement which eerily echoes the sentiments of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Everyone else on the panel contradicts him and attempts, at various degrees of success, to point out the absurdity of his claim. The white guy to the right attempts to explain why it’s not fair to discriminate against all Muslims, but he ends up making himself sound ridiculous as well by insinuating that the United States is somehow representative of “civil society” and a true “proponent of democracy.”

The highlight comes, however, as political commentator Angela Rye absolutely takes Jackson to school by countering his every argument with sheer brilliance. After he repeats his “U.S. citizenship is a privilege, not a right” line for a 5th time, Rye sarcastically informs him that he “needs to find another talking point”, and tells him that he is “making a hasty over-generalization about a whole cadre of people. You cannot do that… There’s Trayvon Martin. That’s what happened [in that situation] and that’s why he lost his life. [Then] there’s Rodney King. He got beat… to a bloody pulp… You are missing the clear parallel to profiling and why it is dangerous.” Watch the entertaining clip below and sound off by telling us how you feel in the comments section:

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      1. Criminal past, ties to a criminal/terrorist organization, scarce resources…also bankers and lawyers (joking about the last two, a little).

        1. Lol at the last part. But do u agree with the premise of the guy in the video who thinks that entire nations should be excluded from citizenship because there have been terrorists who have come from that nation?

            1. K. I was just wondering. Because of course that would basically exclude a lot of people. Hell we’d even have to start extraditing people ! Lol

  1. I’m going to do a blog post on this in a couple of days because this muslim profiling based on radicals who make it into this country or any other (UK) repeatedly become tools for arguments that mask bias in the first place. I’ve lived among muslims as a Christian all my life, even dated a muslim man, to be treated with the utmost respect by his extended family for years after but I have a range of other very positive experiences of peace loving people of this faith from countries people would like to believe grow nothing but terrorists.

    I also love the way everyone steps over home grown terrorists as if it’s a non factor when it’s not. The fact is that the FBI together with the ATF has had their hands busy for years quelling internal terrorism plots to kill Americans, and the media is dedicated to not giving them airtime so the stories are not (unintentionally) used to recruit. Unfortunately the details have escaped most Americans unless they happen to follow this issue via organizations who keep track of it. So too many have no clue how bad the problem is.

    What makes it to the news regarding this is about 5% of what has been going on and promises to be an even larger issue in coming years as interpreted by certain organizations (SPL/ADL). But it’s already a pretty intense issue, yet we’re focused on the monster with out…. I have so much to say on this issue, I’m not even sure I want to post all of it on the net.

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