Alabama Police Strangle and Rip Clothes From Woman’s Body Over Plastic Utensil Dispute

As if it weren’t enough that Starbucks finds itself embroiled in controversy after one of its store managers in Pennsylvania called the cops on and had two Black realtors arrested simply for being at the location, employees at a Waffle House in Mobile, Alabama just called the police on a Black woman who was upset that she was told she would be charged extra for plastic utensils to go along with her food order. The Saraland police arrived and violently ripped the woman’s clothes, exposing her naked body. You can see the cops behaving like wild savages in the video below:

Further reading: From Starbucks to H&M: Why are so many big brands struggling with viral incidents of racism?

10 thoughts

  1. Thanks for bringing this incident to our attention, Caleb. The video was hard to watch. As Dr. Rex observes, it’s an abuse of power and shameful behavior. And for what? A disagreement over paying for plastic utensils which, by the way, we should be refusing to use to reduce our plastic waste pollution.

    The arms of justice fall heavily upon the vulnerable and working poor.

    1. I cannot understand why they think they need to charge someone for some plastic utencils to go along with their food that they ordered. This ordeal is ridiculous.

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