Louisiana Prison Punishes Suicidal Inmates by Chaining Them Naked To Wooden Chairs

Louisiana is the world’s highest incarcerator by both rate and population, and it appears the state’s prisons are going to the most extreme measures to ensure that it forever remains at the top. According to a recent class-action lawsuit, inmates in one of the state’s many overpopulated prison warehouses who should be so unfortunate as to have thought about or attempted suicide are being punished for their attempts by being chained to wooden chairs, placed in solitary confinement for years at a time, and exposed to extremely cold weather by their overseers.

Angola Louisiana prison modern day slaveryAt David Wade Correctional Center in Homer, which houses a population of about 1,244,“prisoners who ask for mental health care instead are placed in suicide watch, stripped of their clothing and held in solitary confinement on a disciplinary tier for weeks.” From there it only gets worse. According to The Advocate, “Prison staff members respond to symptoms of mental illness by using chemical spray on inmates in their cells; taking away mattresses in clothes so prisoners must sleep on concrete in paper gowns; and opening windows to make it even colder in suicide watch cells.”

One claim put forth by prisoners is not an uncommon one in Louisiana prisons, where inmates are treated like wild beasts instead of people regardless of how minor their alleged offense. In a jail in New Iberia in 2011 officers beat inmates, forced oral sex simulation on batons, and hit inmates in their testicles. The following year an inmate was brutally “thrown on the ground, attacked by dog” and stomped on by an Iberia Parish deputy. In the Homer prison “mentally ill prisoners were forced to kneel or bend down and bark like dogs to get food.” A mentally ill prisoner who “mutilated his genitals, cut his wrists and tried to kill himself by jumping over barbed wire” onto concrete was disciplined and punished severely for his many attempted suicides instead of being given mental health treatment.

According to the lawsuit, “Due to the lack of human contact and uncontrolled mental illness, many will scream, laugh and talk to themselves. Others rock in place or deteriorate to more severe manifestations of their conditions, such as smearing blood or feces.” Instead of inmates being punished for trying to escape these hellish conditions by any means possible, it should be the prison officials of David Wade Correctional Facility who should be publicly exposed to an International Tribunal and tried for Crimes against Humanity.

Source: The Advocate

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  1. This disgusts me. I cannot fathom such a reality. How do people think this is acceptable?

        1. The 8th amendment, the 4th amebdment, the 14th among others seem to not exist other than on paper. The only one that is ever respected apparently is the 2nd.

  2. Reblogged this on Failure to Listen and commented:

    The new plantations where the unspeakable occurs daily. What one has to ask is the purpose of prison to torture and ensure a prisoner never reintegrates into society? Or is it for men in uniform to become slave masters/torturers?

    1. Thank you for re-blogging this SICKENING and heart-breaking post Angela. It truly makes my skin crawl what goes on still in the 21st century.

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