White Supremacists Enter Houston’s 3rd Ward Carrying Confederate Flags & Racist Slogans

Armed with assault rifles, confederate flags and white supremacist slogans, a group of the extreme fascist right-wing calling itself ‘white lives matter’ stood on the grounds of the Houston Chapter of the historic civil rights organization – the N.A.A.C.P. – to sing the praises of police officers who’ve killed unarmed Black people and decry activists who’ve spoken out against police abuse. They claimed to be exercising their “second amendment right to defend ourselves”, despite their going into the overwhelmingly black third ward to spread their toxic agenda.

Perhaps not surprisingly these white supremacists with their stated pro-cop agenda were barricaded and protected by police officers. It goes without saying that the response to this demonstration on the part of police was completely different from their response to Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Imagine for a moment organizers of a #BLM march carrying assault rifles and wearing bullet proof vests! You can’t imagine it because it would not be allowed to happen without some sort of violence on the part of the police.

Noticed among the demonstrators by the Houston Chronicle was a sign which read “14 words”. It turns out “14 words” is a white supremacist coinage symbolizing the 14 words in their slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

“White Lives Matter” Hate Group Holds Protests Outside Houston NAACP Headquarters A group of “White Lives Matter” idiots thought they were scaring somebody outside a Houston NAACP headquarters according to Chron: The Confederate flag waved in front of the NAACP office Sunday. The red flag with its blue X holding white stars hung over the…

via Confederate Crazies: “White Lives Matter” Hate Group Holds Protests Outside Houston NAACP Headquarters — Bossip

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  1. Reblogged this on Purple Silky Kisses and commented:
    All I have to say is, Thank-you Donald Trump for lifting the hoods off of the existing racists & bigots in America. If by some miracle Trump does get into the White House, we can expect to see more of these shameless displays. The question is “How is America going to recover if Trump does not become our President?” For I am sure just as I am aware of the people in my life that are for Trump, I know you too know quite a few of his followers as well. Will be able to honestly see them in the same light as before? LP

    1. Great point. Unfortunately I’m afraid they are going to be acting equally as vicious when he loses in November, and will soon be rallying behind someone else to replace him next time around.

      1. You are so right! Now that the faces and feelings are exposed, America is in trouble. It took thousands of years to get us at a point where Racism of Any Kind was frown upon and viewed as unacceptable. So people went into hiding, now these people who were in hiding are hiding no more. What really bugs the hell out of me is the fact that they honestly feel they are right.

        It is in my opinion that the only group of people who should feel any ill towards other Races are true founders — Indians. Not these Red Neck, Self-Righteous, Right Wing Bigots who declare themselves to be Highly Supreme over all people. (Totally a self-proclaimed title!)

        I just hope that the number of people who are against bigotry of any kind and racism outnumbers those that are bigots and racist.

        Thanks Caleb Gee for responding. LP

        1. I believe that if we can reach the point where the ruling classes can no longer benefit by causing division and making whites believe they are somehow superior to others, then racism can once and for all be eliminated. Unfortunately the redneck bigots are very easy to fool and are constantly shooting themselves in the foot by identifying with their overlords instead of others in the working class.

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