Texas Protestors Demand Justice for Joshua Feast

From Liberation News:

La Marque, Texas protest demands jailing of cop who killed Joshua Feast

Caleb Granger January 14, 2021

Joshua Feast

On January 9, exactly one month after Joshua Feast was killed by officer Jose Santos in La Marque, Texas, over 100 people turned to march on La Marque City Hall to let officials know that Feast’s murder will not be forgotten.

The march was led by Feast’s mother, LaKeisha Feast, who described her son as “a loving, caring and God-fearing man, who leaves behind two amazing children whom he loved dearly.”

The Black and other working-class communities of La Marque have been protesting every weekend for the past month to demand the immediate firing and prosecution of Santos.

Body camera footage clearly shows Santos shooting Feast in the back. But despite the evidence and people’s demands, Santos has only been placed on administrative leave while the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office conducts an investigation.

A brutal killing by police rocks La Marque

While driving around on the night of December 9, 2020, at around 11:10 pm, Santos spotted Feast. Santos called out Feast’s name, prompting Feast to run the other direction. Within seconds, Santos pulled out his gun and shot Feast in the back.

According to eyewitness accounts, after Feast had been shot and was lying on the ground bleeding, Santos began yelling, “Put your hands where I can see them!” 

Feast lay dying as Santos continued yelling, “Show me your hands.”

Feast responded, “Help me, help me, help me.” 

Instead of rendering first aid, Santos held Feast at gunpoint while yelling at neighbors to stay away. Witnesses report that Santos kicked at Feast’s body.

An independent autopsy commissioned by the Feast family confirmed witness accounts that Feast died from a single gunshot wound to the back. The bullet, which never exited his body, caused such an immense loss of blood that by the time Feast reached the hospital, he was already dead.

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  1. I cannot click the ‘like’ button on this one because it is just too heinous an act for me to ‘like’. Why I have not become a victim of spontaneous combustion, I will never know because my rage knows no bounds. This just sickens me and what’s even worse is the fact that it just keeps on coming.

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