Fidel: the untold story [full documentary]

With the passing of one of the most endearing and resilient leaders of the 20th and 21st centuries, Fidel Castro Ruz, U.S. corporate media and politicians (including President-“elect” Trump) are renewing an effort stretching back over six decades to demonize the late Cuban revolutionary as some sort of brutal, power-hungry dictator. For those interested in getting to the truth of Castro the man and the politics he embodied, there’s Estela Bravo’s excellent 2001 documentary, Fidel: the untold story. Fidel exemplified an emerging Third World consciousness which sought to overthrow the oppressive rule of the so-called ‘West’, and for that he earned the eternal ire of the U.S. ruling establishment and their minions in the CIA, who sought to kill the charismatic leader 638 times. Explore and celebrate the 90-year life of a truly extraordinary man and watch the entire film below:

8 thoughts

  1. This was yet another case where the CIA batted for both sides. Before Batista was unseated, the CIA provided Castro arms and boats to destabilize the Cuban government. This came out as scholars investigated the background of some of the Texas arms dealers that played a role in the JFK assassination.

    1. Perhaps, but they certainly did not support Cuba becoming independent of the United States, and the corporations that were raping Cuba certainly did not benefit from Castro’s coming to power.

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