Mike Pence refuses to pardon a wrongfully convicted, proven innocent inmate

Mike Pence is every bit as bad as Donald Trump and in some ways even worse. Not only has he called for directly striking the legitimate government of Syria and by extension their Russian ally, he won’t even pardon a long-suffering inmate who it’s been proven beyond any doubt is innocent of the crime for which he was convicted.

The Fifth Column

Mike Pence (Flickr/House GOP)

Mike Pence (Flickr/House GOP)


In a growing list of heartless Mike Pence actions, the Indiana governor has now denied a pardon for a man wrongly convicted and now proven innocent.

A BuzzFeed report, details the sad history of Keith Cooper, who served 10 years of a 40-year sentence after being misidentified. In 2008 shooting victim Michael Kershner and his mother, Nona Canell filmed statements and admitted they were wrong. This came after new DNA evidence was found and a jail informant admitted he lied. Canell asked investigators multiple times to see a lineup of potential suspects because she couldn’t be sure. An Elkhart Police detective promised her that they had “the right guy.” They didn’t.

When the new evidence came to light, a judge in the case offered Cooper a deal if he agreed to be resentenced for the crime. By accepting the deal he was…

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6 thoughts

    1. How about religious hypocrite? Pence says that his religion means more to him than anything. Trump gives one faux-apology, after so many crimes and abuses, and he should be forgiven. Newt Gingrich had an affair while his first wife (now working on #3) was dying of cancer, but he asked for forgiveness. Whatever happened to: “till death do us part?” So, we should forgive all them horses rear-ends, but not Mr. Cooper or the Central Park Five.

      Earth to Mike Pence: To err is human, but demagoguery is asinine!

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