Eight Shots Fired: the vicious lynching of Walter Scott in South Carolina [VIDEO]

The amount of sheer barbarity demonstrated in the above video clip showing 33 year-old white South Carolinian police officer Michael Slager murdering an unarmed 50 year-old named Walter Scott has white America acting “shocked” and “appalled” by the undeniably murderous behavior of the police officer. What seems to have caught them even more off-guard, however, is how blatantly officer Slager lied in the version of events he gave in the official police report. The family of Walter Scott, on the other hand, knew instinctively from the beginning that the police department’s version was complete and utter bullshit, as many if not most police reports usually are. The police always lie and deceive to make themselves appear as victims while also painting their actual victims (and there are many of them) as the aggressors in order to justify what the media often calls “excessive force” (though in truth it should be called unwarranted force). This should serve as a wake-up call to white America and its mouthpiece – the corporate media – that police reports are not a reliable means of reporting so-called “criminal activities”, especially when determining who matches the description of a “criminal” is left to the discretion of hopelessly corrupt police department and their stooges. In fact, how many white Americans would honestly have believed that Walter Scott was not the aggressor had it not been for the brave young man who captured the gruesome murder on video?

It would be a huge mistake for anyone to treat the deceptive actions of officer Slager as being somehow an exception to the rule, or a “bad apple” so to speak. The way he murdered Walter Scott without any concern for sparing his life (over a broken taillight at that), and going so far as to plant a taser next to his dead body to make it appear as if Scott had been struggling for the officer’s weapon, is pretty much par-the-course when it comes to police officers and their interactions with Black communities anywhere in America. It was only a few weeks ago when video emerged of officer William Melendez and other police officers in Inkster, Michigan bloodying up and tasing 57 year-old Floyd Dent during a traffic stop because he allegedly didn’t stop for a stop sign! This incident ended with Officer Melendez deceitfully planting a bag of cocaine under the passenger’s seat in Dent’s car. What’s worse is that Melendez has a history dating back to the 1990s of planting false evidence on his victims. Yet here he is in 2015 allowed to continue carrying out egregious crimes against humanity without ever having to spend a day behind bars, something that cannot be said about the many people he’s sent to jail based on false charges and arrests. This corrupt “criminal justice” system is beyond repair. It’s time to replace it with one that gives millions of low-level offenders another chance at life, and one that gives the worst practitioners of crimes against humanity like Michael Slager, William Melendez, Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman a one-way ticket to a new facility constructed solely for housing killer cops and wannabe killer cops.

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  1. Reblogged this on Purple Silky Kisses and commented:
    I can go on forever with these types of posts-because there are so many of them out there. Stories that made the media and others that haven’t. What is being done about it? These police officers need to be taken off the force. In fact, lets just fire them all. America has fine Military Branches, let them fight at home instead of overseas and other people’s battle. LP

    1. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. And damn, not only do they need to be fired, they need to be incarcerated and let the innocents go free!

  2. The shooting was bad enough but what I think is just as bad — or even worse, if that be possible — is the way some of the idiots on the radical right seem to be smirking and secretly getting some kind of perverted kick out of the number of black people being killed by police.

    Every time I read one of these horrid accounts I seem to see the Righties on their band wagon shouting to whoever will listen to their crap that the victim of these shootings was either some kind of “Thug” who got what was coming to him or was some kind of criminal doing a criminal act just prior to the killings or that the victims were somehow connected with the use of drugs — or whatever else is conveniently at hand to denigrate, demean, demonize and slander or libel the black people who were the victims of this kind of law enforcement brutality.

    The fact of these shootings is bad enough — that and the fact that none of the shooters have ever been indicted except maybe in the case of Mr. Scott of South Carolina — We will still have to see how that one turns out — but it is disturbing to see how much of the “Good Ole Boy” mentality is still alive and well among some members of the Contemporary American Conservative-Acting Political Right Wing.

    1. What you have observered is 100% correct! It is cringeworthy to read the comments that are left in the multitudes by right wing commenters on any news site and on YouTube. They will go to any length to defend an authoritatian cop, yet complain constantly about “big government”.

  3. I’m currently reading an indigenous history of the US. What comes across loud and clear for me is the so called rule of law in the US only exists to protect the interests of the ruling elite. Those outside the ruling oligarchy have no rights (they’ve never had them) and are fair game for extrajudicial murder, torture and other unimaginable atrocities.

    1. Exactly. The law was created to serve the interests of the elite and have always been used against the marginalized from the very beginning of this regime!

  4. It WAS vicious, but what chilled me was the calm and cool way this bastard gunned his victim down–that last shot, pausing to steady his aim. In some courts, that hesitation might be enough to sell murder rather than manslaughter.

    1. Yep. That was the complete opposite senario of what the officer said. He feared for his life??! How in the world could a fleeing man be an imminent threat to his life, requiring 8 freakin shots from who knows how many feet away…

  5. This sickening story and the reaction to it, which are all too commonplace, show once again that white Americans have deluded themselves into believing theirs is a fair and just society. How many more Walter Scotts are needed to enlighten them? How much more class-based and race-based inequality can this nation withstand? Was not one bloody Civil War enough? What possesses a man or woman to not see reality staring them in the face?

    1. Maybe I’m overanylzing here, but maybe the constant denial and keeping one’s head in the sand is a sign of a deeply hidden guilty conscience (for lack of a better word)? For if one doesn’t feel they are partaking in the systematic oppression and racism, why spend so much time and energy denying its very existence?!

  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ” …… murdering an unarmed 50 year-old named Walter Scott has white America acting “shocked” and “appalled” by the undeniably murderous behavior …. “

  7. Already, an admitted sovereign citizen is on Facebook claiming that Slager dropped a leaf next to Walter’s body. The illogical BS that is going on trying to give Slager justification for shooting Walter in the back is nothing more than a distraction from the truth, which is, Slager lied.

    1. Omg. You’ve got to be kidding me. A leaf?! I’m surprised I haven’t yet heard “he deserved it because he was running.” What person wouldn’t run away from a monster who is tasing them?!!

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