U.S. To Grant Israeli Military Unprecedented $38 Billion Aid Package to Assist in Occupation of Palestine

$38 billion over 10 years to help carry out and finalize the occupation and colonization of Palestine, because it’s not like there’s anything more important the money could be used for domestically. Who cares about alleviating poverty when there are so many military expenditures that must be dealt with first? I guess the $3 trillion that was spent on that war in Iraq just wasn’t enough.

U.S. “military assistance,” more accurately understood as a circular flow through which U.S. weapons firms profit off the colonization of Palestinian land and Israeli destabilization of the surrounding states, is a long-term structuring element of the U.S.-Israel “special relationship.”Large U.S. military loans started arriving in Israel in 1971, as the Nixon administration rejected plans for […]

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