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  1. I find that corporate news-media are typically ethically challenged. … Up here, even our mainstream print news-media formally support Canada’s fossil fuel industry. Conglomerate Postmedia — which, except for The Toronto Star, owns Canada’s major print publications — is on record allying itself with not only the planet’s second most polluting forms of carbon-based “energy”, but also THE MOST polluting/dirtiest of crudes — bitumen. [“Mair on Media’s ‘Unholiest of Alliances’ With Energy Industry”, Nov.14 2017, TheTyee.ca] https://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2017/11/14/mair-media-unholiest-alliances

    During a presentation, it was stated: “Postmedia and CAPP [Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers] will bring energy to the forefront of our national conversation. Together, we will engage executives, the business community and the Canadian public to underscore the ways in which the energy sector powers Canada.”

    Also, a then-publisher of Postmedia’s National Post said: “From its inception, the National Post has been one of the country’s leading voices on the importance of energy to Canada’s business competitiveness internationally and our economic well-being in general. We will work with [Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers] to amplify our energy mandate and to be a part of the solution to keep Canada competitive in the global marketplace. The National Post will undertake to leverage all means editorially, technically and creatively to further this critical conversation.”

    A few years ago, Postmedia also had acquired a lobbying firm with close ties to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in order to participate in his government’s $30 million PR “war room” in promoting the interests of the fossil fuel industry in Canada. Furthermore, in late May, Postmedia refused to run paid ads by Leadnow, a social and environmental justice organization, that expose the Royal Bank of Canada as the largest financer of fossil fuel extraction in Canada.

    Really, should the promotion of massive fossil fuel extraction, even Canada’s own, be a partisan position for any newspaper giant to take, especially considering fossil fuel’s immense role in manmade global warming thus climate change? And, at least in this case, whatever happened to the honorable journalistic role of ‘afflicting the comfortable’ (which went along with ‘comforting the afflicted’), especially one of such environmental monstrosity?

  2. At this point, I hardly know what to say, much less what to do, which is why I’ve given up blogging. With all that’s wrong in THIS country, the so-called, ‘elected politicians’ are not even thinking about the massive homeless crisis that is occurring right before our very eyes what with rents skyrocketing beyond millions of peoples’ incomes. And yet all we hear is how the people of Ukraine are going to flee to the west due to the bombing. The US has already flown Afghans here and don’t know where to put them and there are commercials calling on American citizens to help the Afghans.HUH? We did not drag them over here, nor did average Americans invade their country and yet, now the politicians are at it again, causing yet another group of refugees to get flown over here, right over top the heads of the millions of Americans who have been evicted and are homeless. This is madness! And the stupid Americans are claiming that they are not going to sell Russian vodka in their bars. WHAT??? AGAIN, this is madness, I tell you!!

    1. I have been losing my mind all week. I’ve seen nothing but “pray for Ukraine” and “stand with Ukraine” on my timeline. These prayers are so performative when none of them gave two shits about the millions of victims in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Somalia and many other places who continue to suffer at the hands of U.S. imperialism. People who’ve been cheerleading death and destruction at the hands of the US and its allies my entire lifetime are now suddenly anti-war activists overnight because Russia decided to invade a U.S./ Europe client state. The hypocrisy is astounding.

      1. The hypocrisy truly is astounding and I can see why your blog name is what it is because HYPOCRISY is what this shithole stands for. I already re-blogged this. Much good it will do. But I’ve already lost my mind. I think I’m writing this from Neptune because ain’t no way my head is still on earth when it’s blown enough fuses to jet off into outer space. The fuel propulsion was pure rage!!!

        1. I just made a new post about the extremely racist coverage that I saw on the news yesterday and this morning. The fucker on CBS basically stated he can’t believe this is happening to a “civilized, European country” (his words) as opposed to a county “Like Iraq or Syria.” They are saying the quiet part out loud.

          1. I just made a post about the racist treatment that the Africans are claiming to experience in trying to leave Ukraine, but the lamestream media has been awfully quiet about that. All I see on the lamestream media is “Throw out your collection of Russian vodka!” Reality truly is stranger than fiction. I’m just too through Caleb!

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