City of Rock Hill Sued for Terrorizing 71 Year Old Black Man, Falsely Detaining Him

In the City of Rock Hill, South Carolina, a 71 year old Black man’s home was intruded on by police officers in the middle of the night as they forced him to stand naked against a wall. According to ABC News, the police were at the wrong home and looking for other people entirely. The officers, who cursed at the elderly Jethro DeVane and “treated him less human”, ludicrously claimed that he was being forced out of his home without any clothes “for his own safety.” Not a single officer was ever held accountable for the terror that was inflicted on Jethro DeVane on the night of June 3, 2019. They did not even bother to get a search warrant before aggressively taking DeVane out of his home and searching his house from top to bottom, nor did they ask his permission to search the home. Now, DeVane is suing the city of Rock Hill for “gross negligence, civil assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and outrage, false imprisonment, abuse of process, civil conspiracy and state constitutional violations.”

3 thoughts

  1. Black people have ALWAYS lived under a ‘police state’ and sadly, we always will. I’m just waiting to see if others are going to get their turn. This is just maddening as well as sickening!!!!!

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