Sexual Assault in ICE Detention Common in the State of Texas

From Liberations News:

Sexual assault rampant in ICE detention centers across Texas

Caleb Granger January 11, 2021

According to a complaint filed in August with the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General by a Texas-based advocacy group, guards in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in El Paso, Tex., have been sexually assaulting detainees and intimidating them from coming forward. This is part of a larger pattern and practice of abuse in immigration detention centers throughout the state of Texas. Meanwhile, the federal government has done nothing to prevent the sexual assault of those detained and is not providing victims with the support services that are required by law.

Sexual assault and abuse common in Texas detention

According to an undocumented woman who was detained in an El Paso ICE detention facility, several of the guards where she was being held assaulted her on different occasions. They deliberately chose a spot between the medical facility and her barrack to attack her because of its lack of visibility on security cameras. The 35-year-old mother, who faced deportation to Mexico the very next week, was told by one of her abusers that if she told anyone about the assault, she wouldn’t be believed because her abuser was a high-ranking officer and there was no existing video footage to prove her claim.

In a telephone interview with ProPublica, the woman expressed that she would rather be deported to Mexico than spend another day in the torturous conditions of the ICE detention center. She was terrified of being targeted by the guards for coming forward about the abuse. “It’s going to get worse now,” she said. “I can’t handle it anymore.” Her deportation, however, meant that future investigators would be deprived of a key witness to the guards’ abuse.

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12 thoughts

  1. Well, this does not surprise me, they do it ALL the time to prisoners in every single prison and jail throughout this shithole and so those coming here from across the border, I don’t know what else they expect from this cesspool. By now, no one should be under any delusions as to what is going down over here, no one.

    1. I have had people in the United States argue with me telling me that the U.S. prison system isn’t among the worst in the world, despite all the torture and rape (most prison rape according to incarcerated people is from guards!) and decades in solitary confinement. Our prison system is known to be so horrifying that Julian Assange was not extradited to the U.S. because the judge knew he would never be able to survive in this hellhole.

      1. But yet people wonder why when they get out of prison, many ex-inmates are so messed up. It is no wonder due to how they have been treated while incarcerated. They are in there to serve their time, not to be tortured, but brutality is something that is sewn into the very fabric of this hellhole and almost ALL therein. More’s the pity. And so that is why there is a big prison recidivism rate.

        1. I can’t imagine what kind of sick horrible people thinks it’s a great system where a person goes into prison for a bag of weed, is warehoused in a cage, subjected to sexual abuse, beatings, torture, solitary confinement for years at a time, and then thrown out into the world with all basic human rights taken away. Then the country that does this goes out and has the nerve to put genocidal sanctions on other countries allegedly for “human rights abuses”. It’s sickening.

          1. But yet, look at what happened at the capitol. Whites were allowed to storm the capitol, steal computers of congress personnel and basically do whatever they wanted. Meanwhile, the FBI was focused on calling Black people, “Black Identity Extremists.” Looks like they were hell bent on looking in the wrong direction while allowing whites to do their thing.

            I’m just fed up with it all.

            1. And no one can convince me that the FB fuckin’ I can’t locate every single one of those fascist mob members right now if they wanted to! Yet they are out here asking the public to help them track the fuckers down. I don’t know, maybe stop spending all your time tracking Black people and falsely labeling them “terrorists”, then you’d be able to deal with a white supremacist attack that was coordinated with elements of the police and the Defense Department.

              1. Exactly, I have heard that of those who have been arrested, some of them were indeed, from law enforcement and the military. They are even now stating that they are ‘vetting’ the National Guard that’s supposed to make sure that Biden’s inauguration goes off without a hitch. Imagine that, huh. But let them tell it, Black folks is the problem. SIGH!

              2. I heard the guy that was in Nancy Pelosi’s office is only facing like a year in prison. Imagine that! He invaded the Capitol and broke all kinds of laws. Yet there are protestors in Denver who were standing outside of a police station simply calling for the officers who killed Elijah McClain to be fired and they are facing 48-60 years in prison!

              3. Caleb, I had heard about that! And I was so pissed because just like you say, Black people who have been arrested for protesting over the Klan kops murdering another Black person get the book thrown at them, while this so-called, “insurrectionist” skates. But then, he is white and so whites write the laws, don’t apply them to them because the laws are only meant to be applied to Black people and that should be obvious to a blind, deaf mute that’s been planted! The outrageous hypocrisy, double standards and outright shameful display of racism should appall everyone!

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