U.S. Marine Goes on Racist Rant Threatening to Shoot Chinese People

Pfc. Jarrett Morford

A U.S. marine is under investigation following a video he posted to Twitter in which he threatened to kill any Chinese person he comes across. Referring to Chinese people using a racist slur, 20 year-old Pfc. Jarrett Morford threatened to put a bullet in people of Chinese descent as a response to the U.S. government’s miserable failure when it comes to handling the coronavirus pandemic. The Marine Corp has been made aware of the abominable remarks by the noncommissioned officer, who is stationed in Twentynine Palms, California, and said through a spokesperson that “appropriate action” will be taken soon. According to the spokesperson, “There is no place for racism in the Marine Corps. Those who can’t value the contributions of others, regardless of background are destructive to our culture and do not represent our core values.” The truth, however, is that Morford will only be disciplined for saying the quiet part out loud. The U.S. military is by its very nature the most violently racist institution on the face of the earth. When U.S. Presidents go around the world preaching about “American exceptionalism”, they mean that the U.S. military can commit any war crime anywhere in the world and never have to worry about being held accountable for it.

U.S. Army specialist Jeremy Morlock poses with the body of a child he and his team murdered in Afghanistan.


Marine posts video threatening to shoot Chinese people over COVID-19

Rolling Stone Publishes More U.S. “Kill Team” Photos and Videos | Public Intelligence

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