Uninformed Colorado police officer tasers a peaceful protestor [Video]

2 men in Colorado were peacefully protesting against police brutality on public property when they were suddenly approached by a police officer, who apparently took offense to a sign which read “Fuck bad cops.” The cop approached the peaceful protestors with a hostile attitude, essentially accusing them of attempting to use their signs as “weapons”, as evidenced by the cop’s own body-cam footage. The footage, which was taken back in 2016, only recently surfaced for the public to view in its entirety.

Officer Dickey (badge no. 2095), who falsely accused the men of trespassing on private property, continued to argue with one of the protestors named Josh Condiotti-Wade, even after his false assertion that the building was privately-owned was proven wrong. Condiotti-Wade and his fellow protestor then moved to the public sidewalk, where they were followed by Officer Dickey who demanded they produce their IDs (as if the citizenry is required to carry ID on them at all times), which he had no right to do. When one of the men protested that he wasn’t required to produce an ID, Officer Dickhead said he was placing him under arrest. When asked what they were being placed under arrest for, Dickhead took out his taser, chased Condiotti-Wade and tasered him in the arm. Another officer followed suit and did the same thing.

Perhaps the most shocking part of this horrifying video footage is when Officer Dickey’s apparent superior, Commander Mark Morgan, informed Dickey that the two protestors were, in fact, not violating any laws. There is no doubt that Officer Dickey and his partner should be punished to the fullest extent (which will never happen), and that if Josh Condiotti-Wade (who should be commended for his protest) had been Black, he would likely have been killed by Officer Dickey. According to Now This, “Officer Dickey has a history of five civilian complaints, including use of excessive force during arrest in which he tased & struck a man in diabetic shock with a baton. In 2019, Dickey was sued over his use of force in another arrest. Dickey used his Taser on a U.S. Special Forces vet experiencing PTSD. The 46-year-old vet was pronounced dead shortly after the violent arrest.” In other words, Officer Dickey is a vicious murderer roaming the streets in a police uniform terrorizing the populace.

4 thoughts

  1. Last night I watched the movie “River Runs Red”. One of the characters was a cop who planted guns on unarmed men who he killed. It hit upon some real life truths, such as slandering the deceased when they are minorities. It also addressed how there are cops who commit the same violations of law yet remain on the force. So, I watched the video in your post and wondered if the media would have called the protesters “thugs” or other ripe names had they not been White.

  2. Yes, if they had been Black, they would be dead and that is a fact. The cops are out-of-control and there is no accountability. Cities and municipalities will continue to pay out large sums of taxpayer money to settle lawsuits against those thugs with badges and guns. This is just unreal!

    1. These fuckin idiots don’t even know the laws they are supposed to enforce. Even when confronted with proof this officer Dickey kept on in his foolishness.

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