MAGA Supporters and Neonazis Crash Drag Queen Story Time in Houston

At Saturday’s (January 26) monthly Drag Queen Story Time event at Eleanor K. Freed Montrose Library in Houston, Texas, a group of right-wingers composed of neonazi fascists and religious zealots alike showed up to disrupt  the event and shout anti-gay slurs. One man even carried a gun to the public library where children were present. The Trump-supporting, MAGA hat-wearing bigots were met with a fierce resistance that stayed until the end to ensure that families could enter the library with the sounds of hate and intolerance being drowned out as much as possible. Below are pictures and videos from the protest and counterprotest including footage of fascists taunting LGBTQ people, yelling about “taking it up the ass” at what is supposed to be a family event, and staring down families leaving the event as a means of intimidation.

Trump supporters carrying signs purportedly about the importance of literacy, with the word ‘meant’ misspelled.
Trump flag hanging on a public tree
MAGA supporter wearing a ‘Pinochet was right’ T-shirt


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