A Tale of Two Robberies in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Zachary Hebert and Wyatt Guillory

It’s a tale of two robberies, one alleged to have happened and the other with video evidence proving it occurred. Both instances took place in the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana, one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. The first was said to have occurred on January 11 and involved a 26 year old Black man by the name of Juston Joseph Landry who got into an argument with a store clerk over an item the clerk claimed he didn’t pay for. Police claim a gun was “presented” at some point during the exchange. The second robbery occurred just days later on January 16. It was premeditated and put into action by two young white men whose names are Wyatt J. Guillory and Zachary Hebert. Their actions were captured on video for all the world to see.

Click Here to Watch Video

The video footage shows the armed white man robbing the convenience store with his gun pointed directly at the store clerk, clearly threatening the man’s life.

The first incident, involving Juston Landry, ended with cops shooting this Black man to death. The second incident (which was captured on video) ended in merely the arrests of the two armed white criminal thugs. Here we have two similar alleged offenses in the same city, just days apart, and yet two completely different outcomes.

For more information head to KPLCTV.com:

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