Military Contractor in Afghanistan Seen Wearing Neonazi Insignia

KekistanA civilian military contractor hired to work with the US military in Afghanistan was spotted on camera wearing a helmet that included a white nationalist flag. The man, who up to this point remains unidentified, “worked for the Virginia-based aviation consultant company MAG Aerospace.” While MAG Aerospace has allegedly removed him from his post and fired him, it’s highly doubtful he is the only white supremacist still in their ranks.

The so-called “Kekistan” flag – meant to mimic “the design of German Nazi war flag, with the Iron Cross replaced by the 4chan logo” – was spotted in a video posted by the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (“which produces videos for the Department of Defense”) to their website showing US and Afghan air crews training in Kandahar.

This comes only a week after a report published by The Daily Beast exposed employees of a military contracting company that was paid $1 billion by the US military to operate a base in Iraq (called Sallyport Global) as being pro-apartheid followers of kkk “grand wizard” David Duke. According to a Pro Publica report published earlier this year, “The involvement of current or former service members – often with sophisticated weapons training – in white supremacist groups has long been a concern.” And a survey released just last year conducted by the Military Times found that 1 in 4 active-duty military service members have “encountered white nationalists in their own ranks” and view them as “a larger national security threat than Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.”


2 thoughts

  1. What you don’t know about this Situation is the young man wearing the stupid flag on his head is married to a black woman and the Pilot is married to an Indian national. How quick the woke nation is to judge! Contact me ill prove it

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