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  1. I heard a news item yesterday saying that more people have died in school shootings in the USA in the past year than military personnel killed in action. Maybe their outrageous hypocrisy is coming home to roost.

    1. But we’re not supposed to care about the children over there that are killed by the U.S. war machine. We’re supposed to care only about our own (and we don’t even do that well.)

  2. The first three words a person is confronted with when they click on this blog says it all!

    “United States Hypocrisy”

    Those at the helm of this lopsided, stinking sinking shithole barge are bursting at the seams with hypocrisy for they can sit somewhere and with a straight face declare that they are dropping bombs and missiles on people for humanitarian reasons when there is nothing at all ‘humanitarian’ about dropping bombs and missiles on ANYONE! That is by definition, hypocrisy!

    We are pointed to a made up enemy by our so-called representatives when the truth of the matter is that any terrorists that are running rampant in the Middle East were trained and let loose by our CIA. Who are the terrorists? WE are the terrorists!

    I wrote a poem back in 2013 and it is just as true today as it was back then.


    1. Damn Shelby! You hit the nail on the head! The whole Syria catastrophe and the horror in Iraq is almost 100% a creation of the West and so it continues.

      1. Indeed, and it is a sad ass shame that We The People, have allowed ourselves to be cowed into being spied on, radiated in order to board a plane and scared to post dissent on sites because the goon squad could be kicking in our door at any minute. This entire country is a cesspool of corruption and vice, death and destruction, suffering and misery and drug addiction. And we are soon to weep what we have allowed to be sown. Too bad for the innocent, for they will suffer as well, as they have already been suffering what with homelessness now at epidemic proportions while the media bobble heads tout the low unemployment rate. Of course there are low wage jobs aplenty at Amazon whose workers must beg a box and locate a bridge since they cannot afford rent on the paltry wages paid by multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos. And making a sandwich at Subway gets you the minimum wage, as well. AmeriKKKa, the new Third World Country. Now, who is going to blow us up??!!

        1. And if you notice voices of dissent are being almost erased online. I remember a few years ago blogs like our own could be easily found in google search results. But since the Democratic Party went on its anti-Russia crusade they’ve been blocking out views that don’t conform to the mainstream as well. Now our blogs are very rarely found if they weren’t already being followed in the first place.

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