George Zimmerman Threatens to Kill Investigatior for Trayvon Martin Documentary

How is it that this violent creep and murderer gets more protection from the law than a CIA agent? He gets to walk the streets safe at night while Trayvon Martin has been dead for 6 years after being stalked, harassed and brutally killed by this thug Zimmerman for being Black.

Source: Pool / Getty George Zimmerman continues to be out here acting reckless, and now the man acquitted of killing a 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is allegedly letting his rage out on a private investigator. I warn you…the story is wild. It all started when Dennis Warren was hired by the producers of a Trayvon Martin documentary…

via Wooow: George Zimmerman Allegedly Killer Stalks An Investigator Working On Trayvon Martin Doc — Global Grind

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