Racist Tweet By Sheriff’s Deputy About Settlement For Philando Castile’s Girlfriend Sparks Outrage

In July of 2016, Philando Castile was shot and killed in front of his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds and her four-year old daughter. Now a Sheriff’s Deputy is taking it upon himself to decide he knows how she and her daughter will use money from a wrongful death settlement in the future without having any facts to back up his racist assertions. In fact, when asked how he knows what Diamond will do with the settlement, he responded “history.” Michael Harriot has the perfect response on The Root.

Source: Racist Tweet By Sheriff’s Deputy About Settlement For Philando Castile’s Girlfriend Sparks Outrage

7 thoughts

  1. Caleb, once racism invades one’s brain, no matter how may times the person goes to re-hab, they will never shake the opioidal contamination. Worse yet, that horrible disease often spreads throughout the family..

    1. I feel what you’re saying. Sometimes I try and watch something on tv that has nothing to do with politics but then these idiots have a way of making it impossible to ignore them.

  2. Caleb
    i don’t for a moment pretend to know the details of this particular case but i continue to admire and support you in your efforts to expose injustice, racism, hypocrisy and everything else that lessens us as human beings.
    Bless You!


    1. Here is the original post that I wrote after the incident first happened. This cop shot this man who was a licensed gun owner in the car in front of his girlfriend and child for no reason! And then there was no conviction. They couldn’t even point to any record like they usually try to do because the Philando Castile who was killed was a beloved member of the community who worked at a school cafeteria serving food to kids at school.

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