Viciously Attacked by White Supremacists in Charlottesville, Deandre Harris is Now Facing Felony Assault Charges for Being Beaten

In a further sign of the heightened racist climate that has swept the nation, Deandre Harris – who was brutally assaulted on video for all the world to see by white supremacists holding a rally in Charlottesville, Virgina in August – has been ludicrously charged with the “unlawful wounding” of his attackers! The pictures and videos don’t lie. Deandre Harris was the one who was assaulted by a mob of nazis and left for dead as police officers did nothing and only arrested his attackers after a social media campaign led by Shaun King forced their hand.

How is it possible that Harris is being charged by a magistrate with what was done TO him? Unlike the pictures and video, white supremacists (including those in law enforcement) do lie. The charge is being brought against him based on the word of one white supremacist named Harold Ray Crews who claims Harris wounded him, according to Harris’ attorney S. Lee Merrit. The magistrate who issued an arrest warrant for Deandre Harris (!) apparently believes they’ve verified the facts of the case, though head Detective in the beating of Harris, Sgt. Jake Via, said that “the arrest warrant was based solely on the [alleged] victim’s testimony.” Interestingly enough, being “presented with the facts” didn’t compel police to go out and arrest the white supremacists who assaulted Deandre Harris until weeks of public pressure spurred them into action. And because of this Harris is being retaliated against as part of a smear campaign headed by the white supremacist organization League of the South, of which Harold Ray Crews (the supposed “victim”) happens to be leader of in the state of North Carolina. Apparently in 2017 America, white supremacist organizations get to hand out arrest warrants to whoever they please and authorities just go along with it. Charging Deandre Harris with felonious assault is akin to charging Heather Heyer, who was run over by a white supremacist with a car at the same rally, with murder. It’s disgusting and belies logic.

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  1. Black until proven innocent! The White Supremacists, and their ilk, seem to need to put the Black Man down in order to prove their “superiority.” I the long run, however, that just shows their own insecurity snd frailties.

    Over time, as Blacks marry Whites, Asians marry Hispanics, Jews marry Christians, the Human Race–at least in the developed world–is quickly becoming Mutts. In fact, biologically, that blending of the races makes for a healthier Mixed Races as the impurities of one, versus the other, are bred out.

  2. The slave patrols never disbanded, they just change from sheets to uniforms and back to sheets. Oh yeah, and we are ‘post-racial’, don’t everybody know! For the love of !!!!

    1. “Post-racial.” I remember in 2008 it was a tune being sung by both liberals and conservatives alike! Even people who should know better were spreading this falsity. Now I don’t know anyone stupid enough to describe the current predicament as “post-racial.”

          1. Of course, and he was also going to give us ‘hope and change’. I remember that as well and how did that work out for us? He feathered his nest well while leaving more AmeriKKKans destitute and homeless, not to mention creating more refugees in the Middle East for other countries to deal with and because of his disdain for ALL of us, he helped to herald in that Orange Fool we have to deal with now.

            With Obama’s brand of magic, who needs David Copperfield?

            1. In that sense “make America great again” is but the sequel of “hope and change ’08”. God only knows what the sequal to “make America great again” will be. “Towards a Bright Future – Together 2024”

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