Fascist-in-chief Calls for Players to Be Fired for Not Standing During National Anthem

Speaking at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama in support of a Republican Senator’s reelection bid, aspiring fascist-in-chief Donald Trump sounded his familiar hyper-nationalist alarm, calling on NFL team owners to respond to football players who don’t stand during the National Anthem or salute the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance with loss of job. In Trump’s words they should say, “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. He’s fired.” The worst part of this is the fact that his numerous supporters responded with roars of approval, despite Trump previously railing against “political correctness.” What more extreme form of political correctness can there be than forcing someone to partake in a display of ultra-nationalism, or else risk losing their livelihood?

President Donald Trump has some advice for National Football League owners: Fire players who kneel during the national anthem. He’s also encouraging fans to walk out in protest.

via President Trump: NFL Should Fire Players Who Kneel During National Anthem — CBS Boston

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  1. I have seen a photo which belongs to an active duty Army officer from West Point graduates at web yesterday, my Earthling friend. “Communism will win” was written on the inner lining of his military hat. According to the news, this pointed to the support given to Kaepernick.

    I want to ask you first, is Kaepernick communist?

    Secondly, this military officer seemed to me very unique example in USA army; I am right I think.

    If I am right, as a communist extraterrestrial I can say that they should put this army officer’s statues on the squares! Even it can be written the folk songs for him! definitely. 🙂

    1. Kaepernick is certainly not a communist from what I’ve read of him, though he ruffled a lot of feathers last year for wearing a shirt that had Fidel Castro on it and he offered him some words of praise. That hardly makes one a communist anywhere else in the world except for the United States. 👨🏻‍💼

      1. I see, but you can be sure, if you wear Castro or Guevara t-shirt at east of the planet, the other people percieve you with the same way. Actually many young men wear Castro or Guevara themed t-shirts to find a girl friend, especially at college; it seems cool you know, haha!

        Actually on second thought, it is easier to be communist at outer space.:)

        1. Lol true. Though I think it’s obvious that Kaepernick is very politically conscious, though I’d be surprised if he were an actual communist. Probably more like a democratic socialist.

          1. Hmm. I think your guesses are based on your observations about his speeches and behaviors, and probably your guess is right; he is democratic socialist. In this case already he is unlikely to be a communist. Democratic socialism and its derivatives were produced by western politicians. Actually firstly, when this term emerged in UK, I think the Labour Party members tried to find a new way against system, and maybe we can think them as sincere about their efforts. Already at that age, Labour Party did succeed many things about workers’ right.

            Democratic socialists you know, they believe that they can reach the socialism with democratic ways. But this idea cannot be authentic. Because, in reality socialist society is the classless. With democratic socialist way, the people would create the state classes. The democratic socialist society formula makes these state classes libaral in some way, and links them to capitalist means.

            In true socialism, individuals act as a kind of free producers association. But if we limit this with the state’ stages provided by the form of administration called democracy, then freedoms are subject to variability with amounts of money being over the vital organization of the entire community. In this case, too, the socialist society, which in reality should act as a free producers association, will begin to be exploited by capitalist means. In a way, for me, like the left liberal concept, democratic socialism is a form which suggests the capitalism to the workers. Which, I think, must be unacceptable for every person. After all, the capitalism doesn’t promise freedom between labor and capital, it is determined by the exploiting-exploited relationship in the economic arena.(I hope I could tell what I meant in all this pharagraph:)

            So, according to my opinion, there is no freedom, or free way in whole new left concepts at west. But I can understand people’s desire about being free. Maybe most of ordinary people into all warp, just they try to find a way to survive and breath. But these are not the ways of real freedom. Under the western leftist politicians there is no free way for publics.

            Maybe my Earthling friend, this freedom provided and pointed out by western left politicians, it may be kind of freedom like describing of Zorba character in “Zorba the Greek” by Nikos Kazantzakis:

            “No, you’re not free. The rope you’re tied to is perhaps longer than other people’s. That’s all.”

  2. I am truly impressed that our Commentator-in-Chief, a five-time draft-dodger back in the Vietnam Era, can speak for what the troops really fought for. Also, when the Anthem is played, you can just see all the patriotic fans: hats on; talking; taking selfies, checking their smartphones or, better yet, using that time for a pit stop or a beer run!

    Any day now, Chris Curry will be fired, and so will LeBron James. Of course those patriotic owners will gladly accelerate those multi-year contract,causing them to be due and payable on the firing date. And, since the players won’t be given the opportunity to compete for those championship and personal stats bonuses, they too would probably be accelerated as if they were accomplished.

    The owners would gladly sit up in their air-conditioned skyboxes, drink by their side, feeling the exuberance as the New Golden State Warriors or the new New England Patriots–re-configured similarly to the Temple Owls or the Toledo Mud hens–take the floor or the field. Oh course, those owners will only smile at the thought of the enhanced ticket sales and TV rights, as those same patriotic fans cheer and cheer…the Owls or the Hens.

    When you can, do a search for the last–most famous–line of the National Anthem (first stanza). “…land of the free and the home of the brave?” Yes, there is a question mark at the end of that most famous line.

    1. And I must say that question mark couldn’t be more appropriate. As far as I’m concerned these days it should be answered with a resounding no! How long do you suppose it will take for members of congress to start introducing bills in congress making the pledge of allegiance mandatory in public schools, despite the unconstitutionality of doing so?

      1. Since the GOP has the majority in both houses, they continue to anticipate all the ideological, and Draconian legislation that they will pass, under a Trumpet Regime..

        Since Donald has signed nothing of any significance, and he has been playing one party against the other, they should realize that Party before Country is only leading toward disaster.

        Hopefully, the new John McCain can twist some arms to convince a few GOPpers to vote for what is right. It was a welcome surprise for McCain to go against the latest GOP health care scam, and against his very close friend, Lindsay Graham. And, of course, Susan Collins always seems to vote Conscience and Country!

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This ‘so-called president’ is America’s worse nightmare. There’s nothing sacred for him but himself and his financial welfare. He has no moral compass, he’s a white supremacist, he’s a shame, he’s a joke, he’s embarrassment. Time for removal … ✊🏽

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