Baltimore Police Caught Planting Drugs Again and Again

This article tells of the 1st of not one, but two videos that emerged within a just a matter of weeks showing Baltimore police officers planting drugs on so-called “suspects” in order to falsify evidence against them and feed them into the prison industrial complex. For the most recent instance of this, see this article in the Atlanta Black Star.


Original Article

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore officer has been suspended after defense attorneys released a body camera video they said shows the officer planting drugs.

The 90 seconds of footage has police investigating their own officers, but officials say there is more to this story than a short video clip showing officers planting drugs, CBS Baltimore reports.

Officials have since released more video to back up their claims as they continue to investigate these serious allegations.

The footage in a Baltimore alley is clear, as it was recorded on police body cameras, but the reason why the Baltimore police officer appears to be planting drugs is not.

What we think we see, and if you slow down the video especially in the first five seconds, the officer appearing to place a red can underneath some trash, push the fence up, and hide it,” said public defender Debbie Katz Levi.

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4 thoughts

  1. Extra-judicial? There’s nothing judicial about how some PD’s stop, mostly Black and Brown drivers, for something that they wouldn’t bother to do with a White person, beat them up, perhaps shoot them and, possibly…”Oh, what have we here?” Of course, when you consider the address to the NYPD recent academy graduates, they seem to have the go-ahead from The Orange Turd!

      1. Caleb, yes, I do understand the term. My point is the planting evidence makes the police officers the perpetrators, rather than acting as unauthorized government executioners and, thus, by-passing the Judicial proceedings. Skipping the Judicial step in law enforcement, is extra-judicial. But, when a police officer plants evidence, he/she is no longer acting in an official capacity. At that point, they become MURDERERS!

        Caleb, I believe that you and I are just taking different paths to reach the same conclusion.

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