John McCain: Hero he is not

This man should be forever grateful to the Vietnamese for showing him mercy and sparing his life, as he was in all likelihood about to napalm one of their villages without a care in the world before his plane was shot down. Now fifty years later he’s arrived in the Senate to lecture his colleagues and galvanize them to vote to take away health care from the rest of us.

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Taking Sides

There has been an avalanche of tweets about US Senator John McCain wishing him well in his battle against brain cancer. Conservatives and liberals alike have issued their hope that this “war hero” will fight on and overcome his ailment. He has been sent a steady stream of warm greetings and well-wishes from multitudes of politicos.

All of these statements – every single one of them – are in fact expressions of neo-Nazi imperial chauvinism.

Think about this: liberals are telling us that we need to be “civil” and “classy” by issuing gushing praise for this war criminal and war monger, responsible for bombing the people of Vietnam and the people of Yemen (through his support for Saudi actions there). He is a Russia-baiter and an Iran-baiter, and has forged ties with jihadis in Syria. What’s the message in calling this imperialist thug a “war hero” for having being detained…

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4 thoughts

  1. Absolutely, he is NO hero! Even after receiving what amounts to a death sentence, does he ‘see the light’ and discontinue being a major asshole; a disgruntled, stomp down, racist warmongering piece of filth? Oh no! Not John McCain. He must take to his grave the very essence of what he is; a piece of shit that should have long since been flushed down the toilet and been received deep in the bowels of hell from which he sprang.

    I will never laud that piece of vile filth simply because he was somewhere he had no business being and was captured. How many innocent people would he have sent to their deaths if he hadn’t been captured? The count would be astounding, but since those who laud him are just like he is, they will, of course, pay homage to their own. They’ll get no takers here!

    Thanks for posting this Caleb!

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