Philando Castile, Charleena Lyles … The Body Count In the U.S.’s War Against Black People Continues to Rise

If you can stomach watching it, the full police dash-cam footage has been released to the public of Philando Castile’s horrifying death at the hands of Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez. After viewing it, it’s more clear than ever that the jurors who acquitted Yanez need to have both their heads and their hearts examined.

Also worthy of mention are the words Yanez used before pulling over the vehicle in which Philando Castile, his girlfriend and their young child were riding in, words that point to this incident being yet another one in which racial profiling led to the death of an innocent person. From CNN:

Yanez says on the radio that he’s going to stop a car to check IDs because two occupants look like armed robbery suspects. He says, “Driver looks more like one of our suspects just cause of the wide set nose.”

It is now apparent that there wasn’t ever any reasonable justification for Yanez pulling over Castile’s family’s vehicle over in the first place. What’s more, even though he was being targeted and harassed, Castile responded to Yanez by speaking to him in a much more respectful tone than he was worthy of. It still wasn’t enough to save Castile from the dishonorable coward that is Jeronimo Yanez.

Black male victims of police brutality

Nappy Newz

(The Sleuth Journal)

Before we can even process theacquittal of the murderof Philando Castile, we hear about another murder of a Black person by the police occupation forces. This time. the victim,Charleena Lyles, is a Black woman who also was five months’ pregnant.

Again, there is anger, confusion and calls for justice from the Black community of Seattle, where the latest killing took place. Many might remember that it was in Seattle where two members of the local Black community attempted to call out the racist and hypocritical liberal white community duringa visit by Bernie Sanders. The Black activists were subsequently shouted down by a majority of Bernie’s supporters. One of the issues that the activists wanted to raise was the repressive, heavy-handed tactics of the Seattle Police Department.

Some have argued that this rash of killings of Black people caught on video or…

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