Philando Castile’s Killer Walks Free

Somehow I missed the part of the 2nd Amendment that reads “this amendment applies to white people only, no Black people need apply.” Apparently it’s just accepted in the eyes of the law that this is the case. When Philando Castile, his girlfriend and their child were racially profiled by the monster that is Jeronimo Yanez, Castile informed officer Yanez that he was a licensed gun owner. That wasn’t enough to stop him from being coldly shot to death in cold blood for no reason. Precisely one year later Yanez has been acquitted for committing this bloody crime. The NRA has of course remained silent on his unjust murder because their organization exists to organize what they perceive to be modern-day slave patrols.

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2 thoughts

  1. Caleb, I agree. Maybe this is why many cops tend to vote GOP. Perhaps, like Trumpet, they believe that they’re above law to. Part of the problem tends to be, as I understand it, that many DAs ad police seem to work together in cases, each doesn’t want to offend the other side of the justices system, and oftentimes, each has relatives–police and DAs office–in the other. When a police officer is charged, the jurisdiction should be changed.

    1. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what the problem is because the whole justice system is so crooked at every level. The one thing we can be sure of is that racism plays a big part. Can you imagine the outrage if a white licensed to carry gun owner was to be treated this way by government agents? When it comes to murder carried out by agents of the state of nonwhite people the right suddenly loves big government.

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