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  1. I commented on the original, but I’ll do it here too since you’ve reblogged it:
    Sorry to be a contradictory voice amidst all these anti-Erdoğan voices, but . . . the man is the first democratically elected president in the history of the Republic of Turkey. Furthermore, his AK Party has won 4 straight parliamentary elections since 2002, despite the fact that they didn’t exist as a political grouping prior to that. The biggest threat to democracy in Turkey is not Mr Erdoğan, but the lack of a credible opposition party. If all the people who hate the president got together they might be able to achieve something. The problem is, they don’t actually know what they want, and they can’t find anyone with sufficient vision or charisma to challenge AKP. In my opinion they should stop their negative complaining and get their political act together. There are plenty of worthy causes in Turkey they could champion: education reform and workplace rights, to name just two.

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