Police Officer Convicted of Raping Up to 13 Black Women is the Latest Conservative Media Darling

Daniel Holtzclaw convictedThe conservative right-wing CRTV (cockamamie republican tv?) network aired a controversial documentary this past December which intended to call into question the guilty verdict handed down in the case of Daniel Holtzclaw, the Oklahoma police officer who was surprisingly “brought to justice” so to speak after he was convicted in December 2015 (by an all-white jury at that) “on 18 of 36 counts of rape and sexual assault… and sentenced to 263 years in prison.” Following the lead of arch-racist radio host Michelle Malkin, conservative media figures are hoping to cast doubt on the evidence used in Holtzclaw’s conviction to support his appeal, and it’s clear from their statements that they feel the best way to go about establishing his supposed “innocence” is to tarnish the reputations and call into question the credibility of his victims.

The duplicitous methods of Malkin and her ‘blue lives matter’ goons include:

    • Slandering Holtzclaw’s victims as women who led “lifestyles” that were less than respectable, pointing out that some of the 13 women who accused him of rape possessed criminal records. Or in the words of Daniel Holtzclaw himself, none of these women were your average “soccer mom or somebody that’s credible in society.”
    • Using Holtzclaw’s emotionally tormented reaction to his sentence as evidence of his sincerity and truthfulness.
    • Painting each of the 13 accusers of only coming forth with their terrifying stories of abuse and intimidation as a means to make money.

None of these are very strong cases to make. First of all, regardless of what any of these women may or may not have done in the past (and in our criminal “justice” system certainty is a hard thing to come by) should have no relevance as to whether or not they were raped and abused by Daniel Holtzclaw. In fact, it is their being poor and Black that may have drawn former Officer Holtzclaw to them in the first place, as he undoubtedly knew many people would be disinclined to believe them. As far as relying on the emotional reaction he had to his sentencing as being somehow indicative of genuineness, that would require one to completely ignore or be unmoved by the tears in the eyes of one of the former police officer’s 17 year old victims, whose grief appeared every bit as genuine as she recounted the horrors Daniel Holtzclaw subjected her to. As for the assertion that his accusers are only out for money, the blue lives matter goons like to point to a lawsuit brought by seven of his accusers against the police department at which he worked. To refute this, one need only read the lawsuit to understand that it was brought forth only after it was revealed that these 7 women were sexually assaulted by Holtzlaw while he was being investigated by the police department for sexually abusing his first batch of women. The truth of the matter is that not only should Holtzclaw have never been allowed to continue on the force while he was under investigation for sexual misconduct, he should have been imprisoned before any of this came to light for his part in the murder of Clifton Armstrong back in 2014.

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7 thoughts

  1. That is exactly why he raped all those women because he knew that poor Black females are an easy target. The same thing is going down here in Baltimore. I cannot tell you how many horror stories I have heard from people who have actually witnessed cops raping Black women, some are prostitutes, but not all are, taking their money and threatening them with doing worse to them if they speak out. It is the norm here. Cops all across this hellhole of corruption called the United States of America get away with this every single day. And the criminal shit they do will never see the light of day, much less will they get prosecuted and sentenced for it. It has always been open season on us and it always will be. I am just seething over this!

    1. And to think this conservative radio trash would hold him up as a case of what’s wrong with our criminal justice system! When his is one of the ONLY cases where a cop got even a little taste of what he deserved. Smh.

  2. It’s a circle jerk–the holier-than-thou defend the more powerful-than-thous, since they can hide behind a clue uniform and badge. If you know a police officer, just ask him/her how many guns they own. It];\ll be3 a whole damn lot.

    Now, what kind of a sentence will he get? Remember the 15 year-old kid, who was bombed, and ran his truck into a car, killed a family of four. His sentence was spending a few months at a dude ranch, and then he and mom fled to Mexico. Now, maybe that cop can swim, go to Stanford, major in basket weaving, and get-off with time for “good, GOOD? behavior.

    Caleb, you and I would have been cellmates–for a long, LONG time, if we did half the cfrap these guys did! And, they can’t put him into the cell next to the Baltimore cops, because they didn’t get a sentence. Maybe e we need a PULLEAZE Union, who knows the Judges and fast-talking lawyers!

    1. Damn, that’s crazy to think about. He won’t get a cell next to the Baltimore police or many others because they just don’t even go to prison at all. A damn shame.

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