15 Year Old Jordan Edwards Shot Dead By Texas Policeman While Leaving A House Party {UPDATE}

Another young man’s life was stolen today by a pig with a gun. The cop who killed 15 year-old Jordan Edwards has been placed on paid leave and allowed to keep his anonymity. This is what Colin Kaepernick meant when he said that “cops are killing people and getting paid vacation”, a statement police organizations vehemently denounced and claimed was not true.

UPDATE: The officer accused of firing the fatal shot that killed Jordan Edwards is named Roy Oliver and as of May 2 he’s been let go from the force. In other news it’s been revealed that the brother of Edwards who witnessed the tragic death of his sibling at the hands of Oliver was inexplicably held in jail over the night of May 1. When his distraught father tried to get to him, police detained him for allegedly being “hostile.” Now imagine this scenario. Police just killed one of your sons and detained your other son in a jail cell for whatever reason where you cannot see him. What’s to stop his captors from meting out the same fate to him as his brother hours earlier, or Sandra Bland who died under mysterious circumstances in a Texas jail cell? How would you be expected to react?

6 thoughts

    1. It’s so very sad how not shocking this is anymore. It’s like it’s not a normal day if there’s not a report about some pig murdering another Black person. That’s fucking Amerikkka for you.

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