Barely a Week into Presidency, Donald Trump’s Approval Numbers at Historic Low

Only nine days into the presidency of Donald J. Trump and his approval ratings are already at a historical low according to Gallup, which has been tracking presidential approval ratings on a regular basis since 1953.


As has been pointed out in the Business Insider, Trump is the “first president to receive an initial approval rating below 50%”. These horrendous ratings come on the heel of the constitutional crisis that has been set in motion by the new administration’s ban on admissions of people from seven Muslim-majority nations (notably Saudi Arabia was not among them) and the refusal of Border Patrol agents to follow a federal ruling halting the enforcement of this extreme and vicious policy. Then there’s the ridiculously expensive wall the administration plans to build along the United States’ southern border which the new President wrongly insists Mexico is going to pay for. In the meantime Iran is taking measures in retaliation of Trump’s insult to the Muslim world, while Chinese officials have stated that with Trump at the helm war between the U.S. and China is “becoming a practical reality.”

Considering how every U.S. president begins their presidency with somewhat of a grace period or a “honeymoon”, it seems there really isn’t anywhere for Trump to go from here but down. Every other President has taken at least 573 days before 50% or more of the population disapproved of their performance in office. Donald Trump has a disapproval rating of 51% within barely a week of being inaugurated as President.

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