Muslim Teen Who Went Missing After Report of Vicious Hate Crime Reportedly Found

UPDATE: As it turns out, the incident was a hoax, made up by the teen to avoid getting in trouble with her parents.

UPDATE: Literally the moment after I hit publish on this initial post I read on The Huffington Post that the missing young woman has now been located. Exactly what transpired during the time she could not be found is not yet known.

18 year old Yasmin Seweid was harassed at 23rd Street subway station last week by three men she claimed tried to violently remove her hijab. Now she cannot be located.

Yasmin Seweid A Muslim teen who said she was harassed and called a terrorist while riding the subway last week has been reported missing, police confirmed. An alert was issued by police Friday evening saying Yasmin Seweid, 18, had been missing since Wednesday. She was last seen leaving her home in New Hyde Park, Long Island at…

via Muslim Teen Harassed, Called ‘Terrorist’ on New York Subway Is Now Missing: Police — KTLA

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