U.S. Ambassador’s Convoy Runs Over 7 Year Old Boy in Cameroon

U.S. Ambassador Samantha PowerUnited States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power expressed what she said was her “great sorrow” after a jeep in her convoy struck and killed a child in the Cameroonian city of Mokolo last Monday. Power and her crew were heading to meet with children stationed at a refugee camp in the African country when her motorcade was apparently speeding at more than 60 mph in a highly populated civilian area. The 7 year old was said to have suddenly dashed in front of the moving vehicle as an adult was seen waving his arms trying to stop the young boy from being crushed beneath the tires.

Though the jeep in the ambassador’s convoy did initially stop right after the tragedy occurred, the driver just as quickly drove away after being told by American security forces that the area was “unsecured“.  According to Pulse Nigeria,

Prior to the latest incident, motorcades transporting senior government officials are known to drive carelessly in high speed, which has on different occasions caused accidents, resulting in deaths and serious injuries.

While the ambassador undoubtedly does feel horribly about the situation, is it too much to ask of representatives for the U.S. government that their carelessness not result in the loss of innocent civilian life even as they are visiting displaced and dispossessed persons in refugee camps? Regardless of whether the areas in which they are traveling are considered “secured” or not, the least they could do is slow the fuck down.

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    1. Smh. I know right? Even when they’re just visiting the country as something other than an occupying army they still can’t help from killing innocent life.

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