Video of Racist North Carolina Hospital Worker Goes Viral

An African American father by the name of Isaiah Baskins was bringing his children to a scheduled appointment at Wake Forest Baptist medical center in Salem, North Carolina when they were confronted by an elderly white volunteer worker who immediately started berating them, calling the father the n-word, denouncing him for wearing “gray underwear”, and telling him to take his black kids out of the hospital. Baskins, clearly appalled and disturbed by what was going on, decided to take out his cellphone and record this crazy woman’s racist screed. She goes on to push a child’s stroller out the door, physically kick Baskins as he films her, and she even pushes his young son.

One of the more disturbing aspects of the video, aside from the hate-filled and demonic utterances of the old woman, is the reaction of another one of the male hospital workers who can be heard asking Baskins if he was “instigating this” all the while assuring him he is in fact trying to “diffuse the situation”. While he doesn’t hesitate to lecture Baskins, he makes no similar effort to tell the batshit crazy woman to shut the hell up

13 thoughts

  1. Definitely not a people person, they do not offend me, they offend us.

    Therefore indeed a conduct by the person of formidable restraint and character.

    People, lets be factual a New Ku Klux Klan is out and about, without sheets.

    In history they have held very political and serve and protect offices.

    Be Leary of these Home grown Terrorist of Privilage.

  2. I am correct in thinking it is a bi-racial couple? Maybe that old witch had visions of a young Barack Obama that gave her a nervous breakdown — or mental meltdown. She should have been charged with physical assault for kicking.

    1. Yes it does appear they were an interracial couple. Perhaps this witch was having a flashback to her days as a little girl when Jim Crow was acceptable. She was transported back to the 1950s and she still hasn’t realized it’s the year 2016.

  3. I just heard an Egyptian Australian journalist, Walid Ali, describe Australia as having “a really high level of low level racism”. Your clip graphically helps explain what he meant by that and shows how such racism sustains systemic racist abuse under a cloak of civility.

    The old woman is a living relic of blatant arrogant white supremacist hatred epitomised by the clan, the younger white man an incidiious reminder that what Walid called low level racism is still racism and often more disgusting because of its failure to recognise itself as such.

    When I put myself on the receiving end of that abuse I know who’s behaviour would anger me more.

    1. Exactly it’s truly a testament to the strong character of mr. Baskins that he was able to not push this despicable person through a glass window, because as I was watching this that’s the first thing that kept coming to my mind! Also, if it had been a person of color acting so erratically, pushing kids and kicking visitors, the security guards would undoubtedly have slammed her on the ground, tased her or placed her in handcuffs.

      1. She has a thing about grey undies equating with the other hated tribe…cleanliness next to godliness issues or just doesnt appreciate grey. I wonder what she’d think about no undies?

  4. When crackers go rabidly crazy. The Brother showed remarkable restraint. He could have knocked that crazy lady smooth out and been justified for doing so.
    There is something seriously wrong in North Carolina. Their governor, legislature, and one screwy bitch working at the ‘Baptist’ hospital.

    1. My reaction was the same as yours. I kept thinking how he had every right to throw this nutjob across the room if he wanted to. She was more than asking for it. But he showed an amount of restraint I’m not sure many of us including myself would have had.

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