The British Empire’s Forgotten Genocide in India: the intentional starvation of 60 million

Dr. Ramtanu Maitra exposes one of the greatest crimes of the British empire, the deliberate starvation of some 60,000,000 Indian men, women and children during the colonial era in the subcontinent. It would not be the end of Britain’s imperial crimes either, not by a long shot. The Brits would continue to cause havoc on just about every continent well into the 20th century, perhaps most notably in the African country of Kenya in the 1960s, crimes for which the empire has never fully atoned for nor has it even attempted to. And though it is now the junior imperial partner to the U.S., the blood of close to a million Iraqis rests upon the hands of the English as America’s partner in a 21st century imperial crusade.

9 thoughts

  1. It’s Shameful conduct to in so many ways. What gives rights to anyone to mistreat and kill those in there Homeland.

    Let me guess? It was there duty to Christianise the Pagans and take there all.

      1. I didn’t know this article at gulftimes, thank you for sharing my Earthling friend! And I think the people should give a new name to this planet instead of “Earth”, I don’t know what could be but it can be such as including the words of racist lands.

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