White Supremacist Terrorists Lethally Attacked Black Lives Matter Protesters Demanding Justice

The following message is re-posted from an email the blog author received via ColorOfChange.org. News of this tragic shooting of Black Lives Matters activists (who were protesting the horrific police killing of 24 year-old Jamar Clarkby 3-4 white supremacists comes just weeks after the FBI allegedly foiled a plot by two other white supremacists in Virginia who were planning to bomb multiple Black churches and Jewish synagogues.

BREAKING: Alleged white supremacists shot and critically injured 5 Black Lives Matter protesters demanding justice for Jamar Clark.


Tell President Obama to address white supremacist violence in Minneapolis and nationwide:


Dear Caleb,

Last night, five protesters sustained serious gunshot wounds after a group of alleged white supremacists opened fire on an encampment of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters in Minneapolis.1 It is being reported that for several nights white supremacists have shown up in bulletproof vests to threaten and taunt protesters, with no response from local police.2

It is crucial that we call on the Department of Justice to investigate the shooting as a hate crime and to investigate the Minneapolis Police Department’s negligent response to the threats and shooting. Activists have repeatedly called on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to investigate similar crimes, but during her tenure she hasn’t done enough.3 We must demand that President Barack Obama intervene.

Click here to demand President Obama do more to address white terrorism, starting with telling Attorney General Lynch to do her job and investigate the Minneapolis Police Department and this latest act of violence as a hate crime.

Minneapolis police have failed to take seriously and address the violent threats that white supremacists have made against Black Lives Matter protesters, including last night’s shooting.4 Last week, police brutally killed 24-year-old Jamar Clark. Eye-witnesses say police “shot him execution-style.”5 Since the day Jamar was killed, Black Lives Matter protesters have camped outside the 4th precinct police station demanding officials release all video of the killing.6 Instead of releasing the videos, police have ramped up their violence against protesters, pepper spraying and unjustly arresting peaceful activists.7Over the past few days, white supremacists have begun visiting the encampment and threatening protesters, while police did nothing. Last night, a group of white men in masks approached the encampment and there was a scuffle. Protesters peacefully escorted the men out of the encampment when suddenly the men began to open fire.8

There is a long history of police departments with ties to the KKK and other white supremacist groups.9 The violent and neglectful response of the Minneapolis police force toward protesters supports the reality that there is deeply-rooted white supremacy within the department. Recently, the FBI released a warning on this very issue, revealing a growing number of white supremacists infiltrating police departments across the country.10 Minneapolis residents have even exposed the current police union president’s participation in racist activity and white supremacist organizations.11

While our nation and our President have directed their full attention to terrorism happening overseas, we are turning a blind eye to the racist terrorism that is playing out in our own backyards.12 President Obama must insist that Attorney General Lynch and the Department of Justice combat white supremacy within our country and police departments before even more violence harms our communities. Minneapolis police are incapable of protecting peaceful demonstrators from the violence of their own department and white supremacist vigilantes. If enough people take action, we can hold President Obama and the Department of Justice accountable for ending the policies and practices that create these tragedies time and time again.

Tell President Obama and Attorney General Lynch to investigate the Minneapolis Police Department and recent violence against Black Lives Matter protesters as a hate crime.

Thanks and peace,

— Rashad, Arisha, Scott, Enchanta, Josh, Lyla and the rest of the ColorOfChange team.

November 24th, 2015


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9 thoughts

  1. Violent acts like these against the Jewish and African-American communities have been redundant for centuries; no matter the protest, society is fed the same mind controlling rhetoric with no change. At what point will the Jewish and African communities see the handwriting on the wall and arm themselves and fight for their lives while they rebuild the broken down places like Nehemiah and Zerrubabel? The only Change JA will see is the Change they collectively enforce by the hand of YHWH!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Of course what you have suggested has materialized before in the form of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Unfortunately the repression from the government and vilification of the Party in the press seemed to have done them in. But one thing is always certain, oppression breeds resistance, and another resistance will indeed again emerge.

  2. Had it been 5 white cops that were shot in Minneapolis, Obomber would be up-in-arms screaming for DoJ to ‘prosecute’! The Obomber does not care about the indiscriminate violence wrought on Black Americans. Or Brown Muslims. Or anyone outside the ruling elite that have a stranglehold on Amerikan politics.
    Some reciprocity just might be in order…

    1. If one shoots a police officer the death penalty is the immediate retribution sought out by the prosecution. If the death penalty were similarly meted when cops shoot unarmed civilians, cops would probably think twice before so recklessly pulling the trigger.

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