Another Teenager is Dead Shortly After an Encounter with Police

Another day, another youth of color dead after an encounter with police. According to a WISH news report on Monday, 18 year-old Terrell Day was accused of shoplifting by a security officer at the Burlington Coat Factory, and when officers of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department located him hiding in a bush, he turned himself in. However, while in the back of the police cruiser, Day started to have breathing problems and informed the IMPD officers of his condition. According to the cops, they immediately called an ambulance to come and check him out. The EMS soon arrived and, after examining him for a bit, pronounced Day fit to be transferred to the Arrestee Processing Center. Apparently the observation of his condition was handled rather hastily, as his breathing problems soon reappeared (assuming they ever really disappeared in the first place) as he was riding to the Processing Center in the back of the police wagon. The police again called for an ambulance, but Day’s condition deteriorated rapidly in a short period of time, and by time the EMS workers arrived again, he was dead.

**The past few weeks and months have been tragically brutal in regards to youth and people of color’s treatment by law enforcement. Here’s just a sampling of the headlines you may have missed:

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