Muslim players to watch this NFL season

Re-blogged this from an amazing blog I came across called Ummah Sports, which carries a unique blend of news, opinions and articles relating to followers of Islam in professional sports. The site’s creator, Austin Burton, is in his own words “a Black man by birth, a sports writer and editor by trade, and a Muslim by the grace of Allah.”  Among his “Muslim players to watch this NFL season” are Oday Aboushi, the Palestinian-American who currently plays with the Houston Texans (formerly with the N.Y. Giants), and Husain Abdullah of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Muslim Sports Talk

Mohamed Sanu Mohamed Sanu

Although the NFL surpassing Major League Baseball as America’s favorite sport was a relatively recent occurrence, the NFL has been better than MLB at representing the social melting pot known as the United States for quite a while.

Exhibit A: While about 40 percent of MLB players are Black or Latino, only one MLB team has a Black manager, and only one has a Latino manager. In the NFL, six of the league’s current head coaches are Black or Latino.

Exhibit B: There has never been a female umpire or female coach/manager in MLB. This year, the NFL introduced its first female official and its first female assistant coach.

Exhibit C: In the entire history of MLB, there has been only one known Muslim ballplayer. In the NFL right now, there are at least a handful of known Muslim players.

Going into the 2015 regular season, which…

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      1. Tell it Kareem! Ben Carson, as a black male, should know better than to discriminate. The Civil Rights movement wasn’t so long ago…

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