Tea Party Queen Sarah Palin Says Immigrants Must Learn to “Speak American” [VIDEO]

Appearing on a live television interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on September 6, former Vice Presidential candidate and (half-term) Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin was asked her opinion regarding recent comments made by Donald Trump in which he decried fellow GOP presidential contender Jeb Bush’s use of Spanish while speaking to reporters in Florida. Palin seemed to agree with The Donald’s criticism, declaring

“You wanna be in America?
A. You better be here legally, or you’re outta here.
B. When you’re here, let’s speak American.”

No, this is not one of those infamous SNL parodies starring Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. This is the real deal.

Of course this isn’t the first time Palin has made asinine comments in public, not by a long shot. In fact just this past Wednesday she was one of several speakers to address the right-wing tea party rally on the lawn of the capital building held in protest of the Obama administration’s historic nuclear accord with Iran. (In the minds of the people who attended this rally, anything short of a genocidal war on Iran is unacceptable.) During her speech, if one could even call it that, she referred to the courageous Black Lives Matter protesters, who’ve had the fortitude to face the entrenched institutional racism of the criminal “justice” system head on, as “dogs”, while simultaneously saluting as heroes the police officers who brutalize them and infringe on their rights daily.

This should come as no surprise as she has made a name for herself trying to master the art of ‘dog-whistle’ politics since arriving on the national scene seven years ago. In the past, she’s accused President Barack Obama of “shucking and jiving” for the American people, defended conservative radio host Laura Schlessinger’s racist on-air tirade where she used the n-word 11 times to a Black caller, just to name a few examples.

As for the tea party rally itself, it demonstrated once again the intellectual ineptitude and moral inconsistency of the tea party ideology. Over the years these conservative activists have chased everyone from Ron and Rand Paul, to Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, to Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson in search of a standard-bearer for their movement, so long as that standard-bearer is seen as being sufficiently anti-Obama and anti-immigration. For now they appear to have settled on billionaire real-estate mogul Donald Trump. Exclusive video footage obtained of the rally from Slate.com shows that tea party activists are still largely motivated by racist, anti-immigrant and islamophobic sentiments. Among the many signs present at the rally were ones that read, “Treason + Muslim = Jihad“, “#JewishLivesMatter, Ask GOD!“, and “Iran’s Taqyiah will surely kill ya!” One man who attended the rally advocated commencing with a military strike against Iran, a nation which has been at the receiving end of U.S. imperialist aggression, not the other way around. “I believe that if we’re not willing to do it,” he said, “we should give Israel bunker-busters and let them do the dirty work.” There was a woman who vehemently denounced “the Muslim in the White House”, and offered up as proof of the President’s supposed religious affiliation the “fact” that “he’s giving $150 billion to jihad!” Another man ranted that “Obama’s in bed with the Islamic Nazis… We went from thew white Nazi, in Hitler, to a black Nazi in Hitler. I am over you guys.”

As for Sarah Palin’s assertion that immigrants should have to “speak American”, which she equates with English, she’s not entirely alone. She is joined by candidates in the Republican field, most recently GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. Appearing on CNN just three days before Palin, Fiorina took on the same question regarding Trump’s displeasure with Jeb Bush’s speaking Spanish, and her answer was as short as it was incorrect: “I think that English is the official language of the United States.” On that account she is 100% factually wrong, and she undoubtedly knows it. She quickly turned the conversation from there to the topic of immigration, stating how she will be the one to fix the so-called “illegal problem”. In equating “English” with “American”, these politicians are attempting to codify white supremacy into law by covering up the fact that the English language isn’t at all indigenous to the American continent. By advocating for “English only” and “English 1st” laws, they are attempting to erase from the public conscience the fact that this country was erected on top of nations that were already in existence long before the idea of a United States was ever conceived. Not one of these nations counted English among their native tongues. Sarah Palin may be nothing more than an ignorant politician-turned-reality TV star, but even she is well aware that there were others present long before her. Why else has she always been so vehemently opposed to tribal sovereignty in Alaska were it not for a desire to erase all traces of indigenous identity?

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    1. She’s around because the media wouldn’t let her go away even after she lost in 2008. And now she’s here just for pure entertainment. Lol and to give us a look into the teabagger mind

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