Death and Destruction Continue Unabated in Yemen and Palestine [VIDEOS]

The regime of Saudi Arabia and its western-backed Gulf and Arab allies have not relented in their vicious bombardment of Yemen which began on March 25. Saudi aggression against Yemen has undoubtedly been encouraged by the West, and Human Rights Watch has revealed that internationally-banned cluster bombs manufactured in the United States are being supplied to the Saudi regime. So far Saudi Arabia has killed close to 3,900 Yemenis during the four-month long bloodbath, with an estimated 1,900 of these being civilians. More than 80% of the country’s residents are in dire need of humanitarian aid.

Meanwhile, in occupied Palestine, illegal Israeli settlers in the West Bank (of whom there are now more than 600,000) burned to death an 18 year-old Palestinian infant, Ali Dawabsheh, in his own home. The settler extremists lit the house of the Dawabsheh family on fire as part of the latest of their so-called “price-tag” attacks, attacks committed by fundamentalist Jewish settlers on Palestinians in “retaliation” for actions they perceive as getting in the way of the settler enterprise – which envisions the eventual Judaisation of all occupied Palestinian land as part of ‘Greater Israel’. Ali’s 4 year-old brother Ahmad and parents, Reham and Sa’ad, are suffering severe burns on over 60%-90% of their bodies. And while the government of Israel has condemned the arson attack, it cannot deny responsibility for the continuing expansion of illegal settlements in occupied territory and filling them with rabid right-wing fundamentalists. That the interests of the Israeli police and right-wing settlers are closely aligned was again made clear on Friday, when a Palestinian teenager demonstrating against baby Ali’s murder was shot dead by Israeli police outside Ramallah.

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  1. Capitalism at its finest. If Yemeni and Palestinians rebels resist their land being stolen and privatized to increase the profits of greedy capitalists in the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, the only solution is to bomb them into submission.

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