Last Night’s White Terrorist Attack on Black Church in Charleston, S.C. (statement by PSL)

**The following article has been re-posted from the Liberation News website. All credit goes to Brian Becker of for writing it.

‘Racist terrorist Dylan Storm Roof, wearing the flags of the apartheid regimes of South Africa and Rhodesia’

Terrorism, white supremacy and the Charleston massacre

By Brian Becker
Jun 18, 2015

Will the political leaders of the capitalist world react to last night’s racist massacre of nine Black parishioners at Charleston South Carolina’s historic Emmanuel AME Church, co-founded in the early 1820’s by anti-slavery resistance martyr Denmark Vesey, as they did to the massacre six months ago of eleven people at the Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo?

Will they all descend on Charleston in a massive march that clearly condemns white supremacy and white racist terrorism? Will the airwaves be filled with denunciations of white racist “extremism” that is so commonplace in the United States? Will they mass produce T-shirts that say, “We are all Emanuel Methodist Church?” Will U.S. authorities round up and arrest individuals and members of organizations who have been making racist and anti-Black comments on social media following the police murders of Walter Scott? Mr. Scott was the unarmed 50-year Black man who was gunned down two months ago by a racist cop in Charleston who had stopped his car for a minor infraction.

If this massacre had been committed by a Muslim person against a white Christian or white Jewish congregation we would not be simply hearing empty platitudes about the “tragedy” and the “need now for Black and white people to come together” or as South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) said: “While we do not yet know all of the details, we do know that we’ll never understand what motivates anyone to enter one of our places of worship and take the life of another.” Really? The Governor can’t understand “what motivates anyone,” meaning white racists, to slaughter Black people in South Carolina? Racism is epidemic. Her state still flies the Confederate flag from the State House 193 years after it executed the legendary Denmark Vesey and scores of other Black people for having planned a “rising” to free enslaved people in the area.

15 thoughts

  1. There is growing evidence surfacing that this was yet another false flag shooting event.

    For a hard core white racist, Roof sure had a lot of African American friends on Facebook:

    There’s also the bizarre situation of Huffington Post publishing an article about the shooting 2 days before it happened:

    Plus the fact that the Charleston shooting successfully drowned out media coverage that the House passed fast track authority yesterday on the controversial TPP trade bill:

    1. I’m not sure I’m too sold on this being a false flag or anything like that. The website you linked refers to the Black Lives Matter movement as “George-Soros backed” and claims all the rebellions were some sort of government plot, as opposed to being genuine acts of resistance. It’s a little too much in the ‘Alex Jones’ area if you know what I mean.

  2. There will be no group hugs and “We are the world, uh…I mean, we are Emmanuel AME Church, standing in solidarity with the remaining congregation of this church upon which a terrorist, racist act was committed by a white supremacist!” There will be nothing from the governor of South Carolina except for her pretense of being all choked up over this terrorist and racist act while she proudly continues to fly the confederate flag atop the state capitol in South Carolina, continuing to make a mockery of a ‘post racial AmeriKKKa.

    “We must all remember that this young man was just a misunderstood psychotic youth who got in with the wrong crowd and after he has had a few sessions with a shrink, he’ll be as right as rain. What’s the problem? Nothing to see here folks! Move it along!” That is how what that piece of filth did will be viewed.

    The continued senselessness of these barbaric acts; the continued murders of Black people by white supremacists and racists with a badge and a gun mean nothing to those who are in a position to at least attempt to address this elephant that is in the room that everyone is trying damn hard to ignore and they are doing a bang up job of it! That’s for damn sure!

    For the love of ……..!!!!!!!

    1. The number of so-called “mentally disturbed” young white men who shoot up large crowds is of such epic proportion that there should be a “war on guns” declared on white communities similar to how the “war on drugs” was declared on Black communities perhaps.

  3. Is it really reasonable to attribute this attack to white racism and white supremacy? Why would you use this crazy man to indict an entire segment of a population and categorize it as white terrorist when it is composed of millions of non racist Christian people who are as heartbroken as anyone else. ?

    1. See what you just did? This is the entire point! When a Muslim or a Black person commits a crime or an attack it is held against the entire population. We’re always hearing about how “Islamic extremism” is the responsibility of all 1.8 billion Muslims and not just the few who commit violent acts. Yet when a white person commits an atrocious massacre, which happens quite frequently in fact, it’s always “they’re just one crazy person. It has nothing to do with any other white people.” Yet the fact that the guy is wearing pro apartheid flags on his jacket is pretty telling.

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