Ferguson Police Retaliating Against Dorian Johnson For Filing Lawsuit Against Darren Wilson

One day after the late Mike Brown’s friend (and eyewitness to his death) Dorian Johnson filed a lawsuit against Ferguson killer cop Darren Wilson, Johnson and his two brothers were sought out by Ferguson police and arrested for allegedly “resisting arrest”. Apparently the Ferguson PD is retaliating against the Johnson family for filing the lawsuit.

5 thoughts

  1. Prior to the advent of social media, we would have no knowledge of such events. According to the group Collective Evolution, numerous social media sites have far more traffic than mainstream media. It’s pretty obvious this is the main reason Obama and the corporate oligarchy want to regulate and censor Internet traffic.

  2. I am not surprised. The police will do anything to keep the truth from coming out. Discrediting and harrassing witnesses is just another example.

    1. Exactly. Hell they’ve been trying to discredit this young man since day 1 when in reality it is the Ferguson PD who never had any credit to begin with.

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