D.C. Metro Police Assault and Arrest Married Couple Who Were Helping a Friend Move [VIDEO]

Married couple Forrest and Chadon Boggs had no reason to feel they were in any sort of danger when, on an evening in early April, they were helping a friend’s family move from their apartment. There was no reason to suspect they were going to be approached by police officers as no one was doing anything illegal. The police themselves would later admit that there really was no basis for this confrontation. Despite their claim to have been responding to a 911 call reporting a fight taking place, the cops admitted there was no fighting happening when they arrived on the scene. But apparently one of the officers did witness Mr. Boggs spit on the ground, and in the view of this paranoid cop the spit must have been aimed at the cop car’s rear window! This was supposedly enough to justify throwing Forrest Boggs on the ground and placing him under arrest. Mrs. Boggs, upon seeing how utterly ridiculous these police officers’ actions were, insisted that there was no reason to be taking her husband to jail. But instead of taking a moment to consider how foolish it is to arrest a man for spitting on the ground, the police officers responded by brutally shoving Chadon Boggs into the cop car and viciously beating her multiple times with their heavy metal sticks.

The couple’s children were unfortunate enough to witness the racist terrorism of the police assault on their parents first-hand, and they can be heard screaming and crying in the video taken of the incident.

As is typical of the perverse system of “criminal justice” in the U.S., it is the Boggs who are being charged with “assault on a police officer” and not the other way around.

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