“F*** Your Breath!” Callous Tulsa Police Say to Dying Man

Once again video footage has emerged exposing police officers’ version of a death at their own hands as being nothing more than lies. According to the initial statements put out by the Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Department, a group of police officers were involved with a physical altercation with 44 year-old African American Tulsa resident Eric Harris. The video however demonstrates that the only struggle which actually occurred was Eric Harris’s struggle for breath as several police officers were engaged in what was essentially a ritual execution. After 73 year-old white reserve deputy officer Robert Bates pulled out his deadly weapon and shot Eric Harris (Bates claimed he meant to reach for his taser, the same defense used by Johannes Mehserle when killing Oscar Grant in 2009), Harris can be seen bleeding profusely and is in obvious need of medical attention in order to preserve his life. No such help is on the way, and when Harris, in a state of shock, exclaims to the officers accompanying Bates,

He shot me! He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath“,

an unknown deputy heartlessly screams, “Fuck your breath!” and “Shut the fuck up!”
All of this occurs while yet another officer is kneeling on the head of the dying man. None of the officers seem to be very concerned about yet another unarmed person losing his life on their watch, and one of the cops even says to his victim, “You shouldn’t have fucking ran!”

The police chief later claimed, rather absurdly, that the officers involved simply didn’t realize Harris had been shot. Apparently Bates rather loudly exclaiming “I shot him!” and Harris even more audibly yelling “He shot me! Oh my god!” weren’t enough to indicate to these officers that Harris had indeed been shot.

Officers justified chasing Mr. Harris down and murdering him in cold blood by alleging that Harris tried to illegally sell a firearm to an undercover agent, an action that, while not exactly condonable, seems to only become an issue with authorities if engaged in by Black men.

Eric Harris with his son, Twitter image
Eric Harris with his son, Twitter image

17 thoughts

    1. I think you’re right, but hopefully there will be not just prosecutions but convictions, and not only th
      at but they should not be allowed out early when no one is paying attention as usually happens.

  1. I didn’t think that after shooting an animal that it would be necessary to place physical pressure on their head and neck. Not only did those cops do that, they used profanity while doing so. What ever happened to professionals being above reproach?

  2. Funny thing is, that actually don’t show the reason why they were chasing him. How can we believe that they are telling the truth that he was trying to sell a firearm to an undercover agent – why was he then unarmed – normally there would be a concealed weapon somewhere.

      1. I agree Caleb. It would seem that the provocations are to spark social chaos and then the authorities can declare martial law. I think this is all by design.

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