Are “Open Carry” Laws Meant to Protect Whites Only?

It’s amazing how the NRA and its many ideological brethren clamor for “guns everywhere for everyone” until the person exercising his alleged “second amendment right” is not an Anglo American (i.e. white). Police officers quite regularly invoke the fear of Black men with guns to justify shooting unarmed Black men to death, even in places that have been declared “open carry” zones. The truth about “open carry” advocates is that for the most part they want open carry gun rights for whites only, mainly for the policing of Black bodies.

9 thoughts

  1. Keep up the good work. The fight against racism, ignorance, injustice and oppression is a long one and needs as many principled warriors as possible.

  2. Thanks for re-blogging this, Caleb! The pervasive racism in our culture cannot be underlined often enough! It is interesting to note that vigillantism’s suspicions and actions seldom focus on those with the same skin color as the vigillantes.

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