U.S. Ruling Class Co-optation of the Legacy of MLK

(This is not my material. This is simply a re-blog containing a link to the CounterPunch article Martin Luther King and the Black Revolutionary Tradition. My own material is available here.)

Proletarian Center for Research, Education and Culture

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2015 I find the inclusion of the American flag in this graphic to be especially offensive and upsetting.

Google is a powerful tool of the U.S. ruling class. This corporate entity helps the NSA spy on us and also assists in the dissemination of propaganda.

What if, instead of linking to watered-down articles and news stories about MLK Day (the event itself), clicking the featured graphic on the Google page led you to the following article instead?


That would be awesome.

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2 thoughts

    1. Omg. And the way so many whites invoke his name to tell Black people why they should just wait, be patient and always “turn the other cheek”. “Martin Luther King would do this” and “Martin Luther King would do that…” It’s like, come on, most people who keep saying that have never heard anything past “I have a dream…”

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