Police Shoot Peaceful #Ferguson Demonstrator in Her Eye Socket and Cause Her to Lose Eye

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Dornnella Conner was inspired this week to travel to Ferguson, Missouri and join along in the ongoing protests there against police brutality in the wake of the non-indictment of Darren Wilson who killed Michael Brown. As if any further proof was needed at this point to illustrate that the issue is one of immense importance requiring urgent action, police officers decided to randomly open fire on Conner while she was driving her car. The bullets hit her in her eye socket and caused her to lose her left eye. The mainstream media meanwhile has been completely silent about the incident. Earlier today cops in Florida fired on an unarmed man and his 6 year-old daughter in as she was suffering an asthma attack. Every level of the U.S. Government all the way up to the Supreme Court have made it astoundingly clear that they have no interest in protecting civilians from police. That is why you see police violently attacking people without reservation. Each and every time they are assured they will get away with it.

8 thoughts

  1. DAAAAMN! That’s crazy! How much worse is police brutality going to get before white people in this country see it as a problem? I don’t get it.

    1. Perhaps if this were happening in similar numbers to white children they would be having second thoughts instead of thinking of new ways to continue justifying.

  2. Connors needs to sue the municipality of Ferguson. Sometimes that’s the only thing white racists can understand. I imagine enough lawsuits could be filed over recent police brutality to bankrupt them.

    1. Yes, perhaps enough of them would. Sometimes I wonder how all these cities and police departments survive so many lawsuits, and then I remember it’s the tax payer whose money the police use instead of all the money they’ve stolen through asset forfeiture. So maybe they look at it as, “well it’s just tax payer money, not mine.”

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